Friday, April 30, 2004

Begging your indulgence and understanding while I come to grips with the technology. Thanks!!!

I am 44 years old. I was raised and unleashed in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love being able to say that I was born in the 60's. Growing up in South Africa was fantastic for the child I was, confusing for the young adult I was, and a host of mixed emotions for the still growing adult I am. This post is not about my experience of growing up there though, but I do have to say, that I love South Africa and it's people more than anywhere else in the world. It is a beautiful, warm, caring, embracing, exquisite place and it is firmly entwined in my heart and always will be!
On September 5th 1993, I married Daniel Levin and a month later we wrenched ourselves away from South Africa and went to live in London. Daniel is the coolest person on the planet as far as I am concerned. He is manic, hectic, volatile, handsome, balding, LOUD, caring, a superb chef, totally hilarious, stubborn, obnoxious, patient, opinionated, gentle and a volunteer fire fighter for the town we now live in. I call him Pling, Boebie, Hector to name but a few.
We stayed in London for 18 months and then Daniel was offered a contract to work in Amsterdam. Oh please beg us to go to Amsterdam we went. We enjoyed the very best of everything Amsterdam has to offer as we spent 6 months living in a houseboat on the Prinsengracht. (That's the same canal that the Ann Frank House is on). In addition to the charm and culture of the city (cough!), it was really nice to live in the same city as my [late] brother who had been living there since 1972. I had two nieces to get to know and time to spend with my bru.*2
Realising that we might do oursevles some serious, long term damage if we stayed there, we packed ourselves up like two responsible farts and moved to a town called Zoetermeer, which is very close to the Hague.
After a total of two years in Holland, we moved back to England and I was 6 months pregnant. We had been on the most incredible vacation whereby we drove and ate our way from the North to the South of Belgium. We stopped in between and made a little parcel which we took back to Holland with us without even knowing it.
A few months after we got back to Holland, I flew with my Mom to visit my sister and her family in Massachusetts. It was my niece's 21st birthday celebration. While there, without Daniel, I discovered that this item we had made was in fact growing inside of me. It came as a huge surprise as I had been told I could not make these kind of items! More on this later, as well. The item that was made in Belgium, grown in Holland, and finally delivered in London, is now a beautiful boy by the name of Ross Myles, who will be 7 on the 14th of July.
We spent 5 years back in England, and on August 31st, relocated to New Jersey, USA, where we still are.
Daniel's son and daughter from his previous marriage came to live with us in England from South Africa, so we went from being a couple to a family of 5 in a very short space of time. Hello Alex and David.
6 Months after Ross was born, I was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy - believe me, that's another WHOLE posting, also to follow.
My amazing husband is in IT and since we got here, I have been a full time, stay at home Mom. I will outline my interests and hobbies and loves and dislikes and dreams and fears and thoughts and wishes and all that good stuff as my blog progresses.

I watched 'Friends' last night and have to confess to having had a good cry from the beginning to the end of it. The end of this series really does mark the end of an era for me. I clearly remember the first time I saw 'Friends'. We were living in Edgware, London, in a house on Hale Lane. Daniel had already transferred to Amsterdam. Other than visits from my gorgeous friend Brian, most of my weekday evenings were spent alone in front of the TV. ER was already on and I had to be bathed and in bed in time for it. It was winter, freezing cold and bloody*3 miserable in London. I was in the bath but listening to the TV. I heard this hilarious dialogue unfolding. I rushed out the bath and plonked myself down on the futon we were sleeping on in those days. Oh the joys of crawling around on the floor to go to bed! 'Friends' was so funny in its really early days. I sat there laughing like crazy and again, remember so clearly telling Daniel on the phone later that evening about this really cool new show I discovered. 'Friends' has been on for as long as we have been married. Coming from South Africa, the kids from the house on the prairie weren't household names, (heck, we only got TV in 1974 I think it was and used to sit and stare at stills of flowers to music for hours on end) but Joey, Phoebs, Rach, Mon and Ross were our mates*. I really identified with their emotions as I have left a trail of the most adored friends on 3 continents and it sucks! Saying goodbye is the worst and the first big departure from your real close friends is extremely painful. I found myself remembering insignificant people I had greeted at the Dry Cleaners over the years! It felt like the whole world was my friend last night and by the end of the episode I was actually blowing my nose on my shirt. I did not want to miss anything by getting up to get tissues but the flood gates opened no matter what! I can't decide if Rachel will go or not, if Ross will maybe go with her ... ???? who knows? I did think that Ross might have made one comment about how he is going to miss Emma - strange that he didn't.
Those of you saying I need to get out more, shut up - I love the show and am really sad it is almost over.

Good Shabbas!

*Eventually there will be a proper Afro/Anglo/American slang dictionary - for now, refer to the end of the posting for * info.
*mate = friend (UK and SA)
*2 Bru ('Broo'), broer , brah, bro, bree, brahdeen
(Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy) This is another famous, popular South African word. Variations include brah, bru, broer, bror, bro, bra, brra and brah. It's from the Afrikaans word for brother (broer), which is pronounced 'broo' with a roll of the rrr at the end. That's why lazy English speakers adopted only the 'broo' sound. Variations in tone emanate from all over South Africa. It is now spelt bru by most SA surfers. In the Eastern Cape, a semantic hotbed of slang, it’s often pronounced 'brorr', 'bree', 'bra' (same as underwear) and 'braaah', with a drawn out vowel.
*3 (UK) bloody Adj. Expressing annoyance as an intensifier. E.g."That bloody idiot needs a good thumping."
Adv. As an intensifier. E.g."I'll bloody thump that idiot."

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

If you think that having a husband in the IT industry is an advantage when doing anything with technology, then you are a very confused individual. I am convinced that if Daniel would rather have had incredible skills in the art of crochet, my technology lessons would have been a whole lot more enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the people I know get to read my blog, I suspect I will be able to hear a loud roar of "FIIIINALLY" around the planet. So many different people in my life have told me I should write a book. It is so cheesey the whole "write a book thing", seems like there is a latent writer in everyone these days. Who am I to know though, maybe there is. However, this is not about anyone except ME and any other I choose to make it about. So to my known audience, here it is, the long awaited item that will settle my dilemma once and for all. Can I really write, or do I just have a good command of the language?