Saturday, June 19, 2004


One thing I have never been able to get used to is the September to June school year. In my childhood, we started school in January and ended in December to enjoy the South African summer.

Having Ross in the schooling system has successfully enabled me to make the switch. I felt the buzz all this week. School’s closing and it’s the end of the year. I feel as excited as the kids do that Monday is the last day and the general slowing down that this brings has made me feel happy in anticipation of the months ahead.

The totally cool thing about being a kid is that there are so many ‘firsts’. Doing things and seeing things for the first time is so thrilling and being able to share this through a young child is indeed a treat.

Ross went to the dentist for the fist time this morning and he had “the best time”. When I looked at this pic I just melted. He looks so big and I have to say that when he oozes self-confidence like this, the sense of pride and achievement I experience is truly awesome. It also reminded me of how much trust our kids put in us and I was pleased that I stopped for a moment to remember this!

The weeks ahead will give opportunity for rest, relaxation, and unhurried togetherness.

What are you doing this summer?