Thursday, June 24, 2004


I have no political agenda at all. I am not a political thinker and I don’t pretend to be. I am however really enjoying all the Clinton interviews at the moment as part of his book promotion.

I think he has faced the music with serious style and he is just so much more real than Bush. When I do find myself watching Bush on TV, I always think it seems like he hasn’t even bothered to read the speech in advance. It lacks so much sincerity for me. Clinton on the other hand really seems to be coming from source and like with any individual, you can tell the difference.

Firefighters are a particularly patriotic group of the population. At a recent function, I spent most the evening speaking with a retired firefighter and his lady friend of some 20 years. They were the most adorable couple. He was approaching 80, I am not sure of her age, and they had met all those years ago at a ‘Parents without Partners” event.

She said something to me that rings so true. She said “no matter what Bill Clinton did, he never made America look bad. George Bush though makes America look bad. I get very upset as well because since Bush has been President, if I say I don’t like something about the government, I am seen to be unpatriotic. I am not unpatriotic. I love this country and I love its people. I just don’t like the President”.

For me, that says it in a nutshell.