Sunday, July 04, 2004


I would not describe MONSTER as an enjoyable movie but it was very interesting. It has many profound moments but there was one in particular that stands out for me. For those who might not have seen it yet, I do not think sharing this detail will detract from your overall experience of the movie. After committing her first murder, Charlize Theron in her role as Aileen Wuornos staggers around screaming, or crying out. Although there is no dialogue in this scene, it spoke volumes to me. Her anger and frustration, her fear and the overall injustice of her life was all rolled up in that one scream. Charlize Theron worked hard and earned her Best Actress Oscar.

I had a similar reaction to TRAIN SPOTTING in that it comes as a rude reminder how devastating the effects are on people who are unfortunate enough to slip through the cracks in life. The depths to which some lives sink affects me deeply and I am reminded of how flippant we become about our generally well-balanced lives.

Although I am not a huge fan of Christina Ricci she was perfectly cast and delivered an impeccable performance in this role.

Patty Jenkinswrote and directed. Fantastic piece of girl power!

MYSTIC RIVER – was so masterful that I feel a bit chutzpahdik saying anything about it. Sean Penn more than deserved his long overdue Oscar. The entire cast delivered impeccable performances depicting their characters with total perfection. In terms of my personal preferences, Clint Eastwood did something more brilliant than BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, my favorite Eastwood masterpiece.

An incredible movie showing how our lives can change in a split second based on the choices we make.

Looking forward to this movie!