Sunday, July 11, 2004


Although we are technically not Americans, we did hang a flag outside the house, and we had a BBQ. The longer we live here, the more we are starting to feel what days like the 4th of July are all about.

The highlight of my day however centered on a haircut. Ross’ haircut!

In true Jewish tradition, Ross had his hair cut for the first time when he turned three years old. We observed this in a traditional context more than one of religious observance.

There was no stress about getting this haircut, in fact there was much excitement on the way to Neil, a good friend, and a hairdresser in London, which is where we were living at the time!

Ross behaved like a star, and yes, I cried. It was a moving experience. He lost that very baby-ish look and seemed so much more mature.

Unfortunately, the next few haircut experiences were nothing less than a nightmare. My sister was visiting us in London from the USA for one of these events. She literally removed me from the salon. Daniel held Ross down with what looked like brutal force to me. I did not see the necessity of this for a stupid haircut.

A couple of months later, it was time for a haircut again and I was dreading it. Daniel was away on business so I decided to try use that to our advantage.

“How about you surprise Daddy with a haircut when he gets back tomorrow, Ross?”
Fortunately he thought this was a great idea.

Off Ross, me and Marti (Au Pair) go to the barber. (I thought I would spare friend Neil the trauma!). Of course Ross refused to wear the cutting cape. He behaved like a star for the haircut, as if it was something he had been doing with ease his entire life. By the time I had finished paying at the desk, he was so itchy from not having worn the cape, that he was wriggling out of his clothes. Marti and I decided this was in fact what he needed to do. So, there was Ross, strolling down the street in his underpants, sneakers and socks, sucking on a lollipop from the barber. This was a hilarious picture because at age almost 7, Ross weighs the princely sum of 40 lbs. So at 3 years old, this was not Hercules strolling down the road in his BOB THE BUILDER underpants!

When we arrived in the USA, our lives changed as far as hairdressing was concerned. Ross met the hairdresser of his dreams. This dream is a man by the name of Constantine who has now been cutting Ross’ hair for 3 years. The interesting thing about this friendship is that Constantine has a very unique accent. We have not been able to ascertain where he comes from originally, and in spite of the lengthy conversations he and Ross have when he is cutting Ross’ hair, I am convinced neither one of them understand a word the other says. As far as me and Constantine goes, a lot of head nodding, big smiles, and “uh huh’s!” are exchanged.

When I called to see if Constantine was working on the 4th, I was told “no!”. Darn, how can we go on vacation without a haircut? I asked Ross if just this once he would be prepared to let another barber cut his hair, only because we are going on vacation and he needs a haircut.

After some serious thought Ross was happy to do this provided he could choose his own style. I said this would be totally ok. Without much difficulty I did get him to agree that perhaps orange and red flames was not practical on a day-to-day basis, but more for CRAZY DAY at summer camp or CRAZY HAIR DAY at school. However, he could still choose his own style.

While I was having my own hair done, my almost bald husband who insists on having his head look like someone rubbed a piece of paper with pencil shaving on it all over him, rushes up to me and says, “close your eyes, you are not going to believe this”. I closed my eyes and when I was told to open, I was speechless. GULP!

GULP! Again.

There stood this gorgeous little “man”, looking completely transformed from the little guy who had walked in with me a half hour before.

He chose a style whereby the front of his hair stands up with the help of gel. It is like spikey, short bangs, and it changed his appearance completely.

This really was a day of newfound independence and all I can say is GULP!