Friday, August 20, 2004


The last few weeks have been terrible as far as my insomnia goes. As much of a treat as it is being awake all night to sit and chat to my loved ones on line in South Africa, I have been desperate for some sleep.

I therefore decided last night that I would resort to a sleep aid because I was starting to feel like something from another planet due to sleep deprivation.

The evening started getting weird at about 1am when my friend Paulie called me from somewhere remote on the West Coast to talk. He has been attending a course that he was sent on by the Yeshiva he is studying at in Jerusalem. It has been such a long time since we had a good talk on the phone, that the time didn’t bother me. By 2a.m. however I was feeling totally exhausted and excused myself.

I have a lift chair in my bedroom that I use because it is so much easier for me to get out of this chair than any other chair. When Daniel is away, I sleep in the chair because it is again easier for me than negotiating my way in and out of bed unaided. As Daniel has been in Chicago this week, Ross has been sleeping in his bed and I have sitting awake in my chair.

Last night however, I got myself really comfy in the chair and was sure that my sleep aid, combined with quite a large intake of Rescue Remedy would guarantee me a good night’s, much needed, rest and sleep.

I got a huge fright when Pingy started barking like a dog possessed, sat up totally confused, took a few minutes to focus clearly enough to read the time, and the next thing, a $*%(^&()$)ing bat comes flying straight at me at exactly 5.40a.m.. Yes, A BAT! Picture the scene, slow moving, very sleepy, naked and confused woman reaches for pillow and assumes gladiator posture to avoid bat. Yorkshire Terrier assumes Piranha posture and is screaming into the darkness trying to bite the bat out of the air. Child sits up and and yells “Mommy what is going on?”
“Stay under the covers Ross, there is a [screech as it comes straight for me again] bat in the room”.

I reach for the phone and dialled David’s cell phone number. There is no way I am stepping out from under my blanket to go call him. Through all of this I am waving my pillow because this darn bat is determined to make it to the window above me which is not open I might add, but sealed very shut as it houses an air conditioner. I am at this point having a conversation with God in my head asking him what it really and truly takes for me to have a good night’s sleep. This was not a conversation with God of Neale’s proportions, but a conversation nonetheless!

I correctly anticipated getting David’s voice mail so no sooner than it answered I was re-dialling. “Hello?” said the deep, very sleepy voice.
“David, there’s a bat in my room, please come upstairs now”. David is great in these kind of situations as he has no fear.
“What?” he asks.
“Daaaavid, there is a bat in my room, will you pleeeeeaase come upstairssszzzz?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Come on man, David – you know, wings, blind, fly, scary, BAT. Please come up here!”


“David, is that you?”
“SHIT! Sorry, I have the wrong number”

Re dial and David picks up the phone. He comes upstairs by which time there is no movement. I assure him there really is a bat in the room and ask him please just wait for it to start flying around again. Ross at this stage is nothing more than a muffled whisper from under the duvet. I tell David to put the hall light on and then he spots the bat in the living room.

Within a few minutes he has managed to get the bat out the sliding door in the kitchen and he goes back to bed.

Ross and I were feeling so traumatized by this whole experience that we got into my bed together and clung to each other as we went back to sleep.

I am pleased to say that I had a wonderful further 5 hours sleep and woke up feeling really good.

Part of me wondered if that combination of the Rescue Remedy and sleep aid was such a good idea, but Ross confirmed for me that this did really all happen. He said that the bat came here to have a place to crash until the morning, as he was tired, and didn’t mean any harm.

Have a cool weekend people and a good Shabbas.

Love, Dawn x x x