Thursday, August 19, 2004


I am not sure exactly what it is about this show, but there is certainly something that has got my full attention. I think it might be Mose. I am really moved by the deep affection he has for his religion and the way he wants to get all he can out of his experience in the city and stay true to the things he loves and respects. He displays such tenderness and a wonderful ability to simply live and let live; I find it very powerful. He has lived, by our standards, a sheltered life. Yet, he has this incredible skill from which he draws his strength to let himself and people, simply BE. I felt so sad in an earlier episode where he said it is clear to him that you just can’t trust people from the city. How sad that we should be perceived that way, but easy to relate to. In spite of this realization, he continues to give a hundred percent of himself.

I thoroughly enjoyed Nick’s “AHA” moment when a total stranger pressed a button by telling him to stop playing games. He does have the most amazing eyes as Ariel said, and I am enjoying watching the way he is looking at things, literally. It appears that he is having a very different experience to the one he came expecting to have, and in its own way, it is proving to be quite a spiritual journey for him. It is fun to watch people when they realize little miracles are taking place around them.

That essentially has been the whole difference for me between the two groups. Everything is like a miracle for the Amish kids while the city slickers take it all in their stride and only see the magic of it all in the Amish experience and not their own.

I hope the series comes out on DVD – I think it will be an interesting way to show my child the value in keeping things a treat through the way you approach them as opposed to overlooking the beauty of things due to ease of availability. Perhaps it is my generation gap talking, but I find the “easy come, easy go” attitude of younger people today very disturbing.
So, bring on the Amish – they have been a nice addition to the summer TV line-up.
Check it out on Wednesday night at 8pm - UPN
Also looking forward to this movie.