Monday, October 11, 2004


Last year I received an email introducing me to THE STATE OF GRACE DOCUMENT. Through computer deaths and re-births, I mislaid and now recently found the information.

THE STATE OF GRACE DOCUMENT is the brain-heart-spirit child of Maureen K McCarthy. If these questions get you thinking, visit the site and discover a tool that could change the way you manage your relationships.

~What am I afraid of -- including what am I afraid of really saying right now?
~What truths do I need to tell?
~What do I need right now?
~What do we each have to gain by ending this relationship?
~What do we each have to gain by continuing this relationship?
~What part does money play in this situation?
~Have I let you down?
~Is there a power struggle going on between us?
~What do I appreciate most about you?
~What do I have to forgive myself and/or you for?
~Is it time to redefine or redirect this relationship?
~What is the deep down knowing we each have about how this will eventually end up?

I’m pleased I found it and hope it can create some value for you.