Friday, November 26, 2004


Great Company ~

Seasonal Decorations ~

Delicious Food ~

Cooking with Dad ~

Laughter with special friends ~

Not much else to wish for!

But would it be ‘DAWN UNPLUGGED’ if there wasn’t a little saga?

On Monday I called the butcher to reserve a leg of lamb. I explained that I would send someone in to get it on Wednesday morning. Marti went and asked for the order of the leg of lamb and I felt a great sense of good organization skills when it was safely in the refrigerator by 10a.m. on Wednesday. Daniel and I agreed that this would not be a stressful cooking saga, but rather a well-planned, enjoyable process. (Did I mention anywhere that he is a superb cook?).

The lamb recipe called for an overnight marinade. So once Ross and Daniel had finished the prep. for butternut squash soup, we took the parcel out of the refrigerator to prepare the lamb. To avoid any kind of outburst after this post hits the Internet, I feel compelled to credit my sister in law Andrea for the marinade. It is so delicious that I suggest you go here and try it out for yourself.

You can imagine the shock and horror when we opened said parcel. I’ll take the humorous route … what rhymes with lamb? … what do you usually eat on Thanksgiving? Clearly, some kind of hunter must have eaten my raw leg of lamb for lunch earlier in the day, or surely the butcher would have called to tell me that Marti had been given the wrong parcel and could we please return the 4 ham and turkey subs that we were now staring at … at 10.45pm the night before Thanksgiving!

Fortunately I am married to a Firefighter who has extensive experience in leaping into a vehicle and diffusing a potentially disastrous situation in record time.

Daniel returned from the Supermarket with two legs of lamb, the marinade did its usual superb job, and all on Thursday had a good meal.

Hope you were surrounded by those you love and that your holiday season got off to a great start!