Tuesday, November 23, 2004


My Darling Ross

Daddy and I were so proud of your Second Grade Report Card. We were not surprised that your grades reflected ‘PROFICIENT WITH SUPPORT’ and ‘INDEPENDENTLY PROFICIENT’. You learn new things very quickly and you manage to understand new concepts with ease. Your ability to play by yourself and enjoy group activities as much is such a wonderful mix of attitudes, sweet, beautiful boy, and it all shines through in your achievements.

School days are a wonderful time in your life. There is a huge amount of freedom to be had in a situation that is so clearly defined by its rules. You know what it is cool to do, and there is no confusion about what is not cool to do. Perhaps the greatest thing school can teach you, is the concept of ‘going with the flow’. This is necessary at times and will take on a whole new level of importance when you become an adult.

There will of course be many times when ‘going with the flow’ can be the worst possible thing to do. What is important to your Daddy, and me is that we are successful in raising you to ask the right questions in life.

We want you to grow up knowing that love, truth, respect and compassion need to exist and be reflected in everything you do. It is essential my child, that you know who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses. Be true to yourself about when to be courageous and confident enough to show your vulnerabilities. Respecting yourself gives you an enormous ability to feel compassion without being sympathetic. Compassion will help you and those around you to shift and grow. The need for sympathy can so often keep you stuck in a place where there is no ground for creativity.

Your teacher told Daddy and I that you often prefer to do your work standing at your desk, rather than sitting. I explained to her that my body is very often more comfortable standing and just how much energy it takes for me to sit down in, and get myself out of a chair. I told her that you have grown up watching me do many activities standing whereas most people would carry these things out sitting. This was a reminder to me that you believe the reality we present you with. I felt such a strong flow of love for you my precious Ross for your unconditional acceptance of my physical limitations and how you incorporate my style of doing things into your life.

Daddy and I love you deeply.

Mama xoxoxoxo