Wednesday, November 10, 2004


How is it that an animal that looks like nothing more than a ball of bad wool can be so smart when it comes to the matter of being “with child”? Why is it that the Australians got all the lucky cards when it comes to intelligent pregnancy and delivery of their young – well, at least within the animal kingdom?

I bet if I did a survey, it would reveal that most women would go for option (b) when given these choices:
(a) flabby, wobbly belly after childbirth or (b) pouch that never changes;
(a) huge round ball that makes you walk like you have something stuck up where it shouldn’t be or (b) handy little pouch at the back that gets in the way of nothing and makes no impact on your walk at all?
(a) 9 months of expanding mixed in with bloating and swelling in other places of your body you didn’t even know existed or (b) a gestation period of approximately 1 month?

Want to know more about the Wombat?

And tell me people, should my sister in law enter a Celine look alike contest or what ~ I am convinced she would win hands down?

G’day Mate!