Saturday, January 08, 2005


After watching ‘SUPER SIZE ME’ in the summer, I made the decision that I would not eat Mc Donald’s or any other junk food again. I took the time to sit and talk with Ross about it. I explained why I had made this decision, and that other than the occasional ice cream or milk shakes we would no longer frequent the joint with any regularity. There are some days where schedules are well served by nuggets and fries from the drive through, but this would be on a ‘once in a blue moon’ basis only. As with everything, when I am totally clear on something, Ross just gets it, and he doesn’t ever ask to go there anymore.

Yesterday, I have to confess, turned out to be the first of those ‘once in a blue moon days’ I referred to. Perhaps it is because it is that time of the month for me where I carry a sign around that says “CAUTION – IF YOU STAND STILL FOR TOO LONG NEXT TO ME, I AM LIKELY TO EAT YOU TOO!”, but after getting Ross from school I wanted nothing more than a Mc Chicken sandwich. We took Alex to work and headed right back to where we had just come from (yes, that strong was the urge!) to draw cash from my next most favorite American invention after the diner, the drive-through bank. I inserted the card, went through the process, and the machine said “ha ha, no way!” I knew there was money in my account, so I repeated the process.

Given the number of cars behind me, I refrained from screaming obscenities at the machine. I have learnt that it only wastes the machine’s time and frustrates the screamer even more! Ross managed to accept the situation without any difficulty and suggested we “just go home”. After checking my account on line, and confirming that there was in fact more than enough money for me to have bought 300 Mc Chicken sandwiches had I so liked, my mood got even worse.
After about three hours I decided it was time to let it go! I had to admit to myself that I was behaving like a kid who had not been given her own way and it was time to revert back to being an adult. I also thought to myself that this is how Ross must feel when I dig my heels in on certain things and won’t even consider another possibility. It’s a horrible feeling and while all the decisions I make are always with his best interests at heart, it was a good reminder that at his age, he does not necessarily always understand that. I will definitely keep this in mind in the future.