Saturday, February 26, 2005


One of the first Valentine’s Day cards I ever gave Daniel read like this ~ I knew you were the man for me the minute I saw you lick your eyebrows.

Valentine’s Day has always been a big dilemma for Daniel. He thinks it is a waste of time and says that he doesn’t believe in a designated day to tell me he loves me. As the years have gone by, I have found it easier to align myself to that thinking and really don’t get upset or pissed off if I don’t get Valentine’s Day cards from him. Ross always comes home from school with very special and meaningful Valentine’s Day creations for me and those have become my Feb. 14th treats.

While I was checking my email first thing in the morning, Marti’s boyfriend came on line to ask me if it would be ok for her to go out in the evening. He wanted to surprise her by arriving to take her for dinner and intended going back to the restaurant where they had been on their first date. I told him that I thought it was a lovely idea and assured him I would not say a word about it so as not to spoil his surprise.

I left the house at around 11a.m. to take my Mom to a doctor’s appointment. I waited in the car while she went in. It started getting really cold and the sky got really gloomy. The rain started falling and soon my window was covered in ice.

I was listening to my current audio book; CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY and thinking how the sadness of the story, combined with the weather was really making the day look grey. I felt like I wanted to flick to a color channel. With that, a car pulled into the bay next to me, and a man dashed into the building, clearly making a delivery of a gorgeous bouquet of roses. I smiled to myself because I love it when the universe responds almost on demand with something I wish for. Suddenly there was a burst of color that went flashing past me. I thought to myself that one of the nurses or receptionists in one of the many medical offices was about to probably become the envy of her colleagues who might have not received flowers for Valentine’s Day.

In the space of the next half hour, a further two deliveries were made. One was a bunch of beautiful white roses with orange on the edges and the other the more traditional red roses. The traditional red did it! I reached for my cell phone, called Daniel at work and told him that regardless of his point of view about Valentine’s Day, if I didn’t receive something with stems that I could trim by the end of the day, I would not be trimming anything else, ever again, EVER! He laughed and told me he was busy and had to go.

My Mom came out and I took her home. She lives in a building for Senior Citizens, so the residents vary in age from 60 through to well into their 90’s. While we sat and chatted in the car, a guy came out to throw some garbage in the dumpster. I watched him walk across the parking area in the soft rain and he didn’t seem to be phased by it at all. I had seen this man a few times and mentioned to my Mom that he looked like an interesting and fun guy. He has to be over 60, but he was dressed in quite a hip way and he just seemed like a fun character. He has long hair, was in jeans, sneakers and a grey, hooded sweat shirt. My Mom said he actually is a really nice guy and that he is in fact from England. I was not surprised because the more I looked at him, the more I could see he had a completely different energy to most of the people I pass in the building when I visit my Mom. As he was walking back in the direction of the entrance to the building, Mom said to me, “You’ll see, when I greet him, he will respond with “hello, love!” and he did as if on cue.

He and my Mom got into a conversation and she introduced me and told him I had also lived in England. He asked me how long I had been there for and when I told him seven years, we all had a good laugh when he replied, “well, you are practically a native then.” He was happy to stand talking in spite of the soft rain still falling and I was amazed to hear he had been here for 40 years. He had not lost his accent at all and again laughed when he told us that when he visits England, they refer to him as “the yank” because he now pronounces his h’s. “When I first got here, I came from the poor part of London and would tell people I live in a ‘ouse, they wouldn’t know what I was talking about until I started saying I lived in a house.” My Mom then commented that he must feel like he was at home with the weather as it was a typically English day with the rain and grey sky. With a smile in his voice he looked up at the sky and said “this is a warm and sunny day in England.” We had a good laugh and he said his goodbyes and off he went. My mom and I both felt uplifted from this conversation.

By the end of the afternoon, Marti had received roses from her boyfriend and was excited about having heard she was going out for dinner. When Ross came home from school, he said that his classmates really liked the gift bags he and I had put together on Sunday night for him to take to school. The kids exchange cards and some give gifts. I try to always give non-candy items but this year, each gift bag did have one chocolate inside. Ross had chosen a small fluffy dog for the girls and a wooden glider for the boys. He came bounding in to give me the adorable wall hanging that he had made for his Dad and me.

I spoke to Daniel a few times during the afternoon and neither of us made any further mention of whether I would be getting stems to trim or not. It was dark already when a delivery of red roses arrived. Marti called me and handed me the card. The envelope was addressed to Daniel. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if these turned out to be for Daniel considering I didn’t send him roses?” I asked Marti. She told me how he had called her several times on her cell phone during the course of the afternoon to check if they had arrived. I opened the card and stifled my laugh as I read the note, “Hope these are long enough to trim!” It was clear whom these were for and who had sent them.

Alex got a very sweet pendant from Marc. David’s girlfriend Aimee gave him a fluffy frog displaying a huge kiss on its cheek suggesting she clearly feels like she has found her Prince.

My day ended with me being reminded to pay more attention to the things that seem inconsequential. A person delivering colorful flowers, a man with an accent, a husband with a sense of humor, two romantic boyfriends, a thoughtful girlfriend, and an attentive son.
A designated day well spent!