Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Although I never thought I would survive the end of SEX AND THE CITY and FRIENDS, I did; therefore, I know I will survive the end of PROJECT RUNWAY. The first season of any of the reality shows that are worth watching are always the best. This show however, I truly believe, offers the potential to have a good second season. I have loved every minute of it and I really don’t know who I want to see walk away with the winning ticket. I know whom I don’t want to win, and I think that is obvious to anyone who has watched the show. Can’t wait for the final episode tonight.

You know how sometimes, when you are out shopping you see something that is so ugly, it is beautiful. That’s what this season of THE APPRENTICE is for me. It has become so bad I can’t resist watching it. What is it with these contestants this time around? Was their brief to show a lack of class as much as possible? Somehow though, it still holds my attention and I am keen to see who will end up working alongside the Donald. I have no shame in admitting my devotion to Donald, ever after the wedding.

I decided that this season I was going to watch AMERICAN IDOL from the first episode all the way through to the last. I usually watch from half way through the eliminations. I have been loyal to my decision and the auditions were well worth it. Tonight is the first of the eliminations. Not that I lay claim to being any kind of a talent scout, but these would be my predictions at this early stage:
From the ladies, my favorite is Nadia Turner and I think America will vote for Carrie Underwood. From the gents, although Travis Tucker is my favorite and I would love to see Scott Savol win. Does anyone else think that Mario Vazquez is related to Justin Guarini – he reminds me so much of him?

Another show that has caught my attention, which I am going to start watching from next week, is HOUSE. Hugh Laurie is a great actor and after catching the last 15 minutes of a recent episode, I want to see more.

Happy viewing and good luck to the 3 designers!
NOTE TO SELF: Order TiVO tomorrow!