Tuesday, February 22, 2005


At 7.52pm EST, my blog registered 4000 visits. My counter is set to only register every unique hit, so this does not include the zillions times a day I myself re-visit!

It feels like an achievement to me because when I started blogging, I did not think that viewers would find their way here and then continue to return. Well, they do, and they have, and hopefully will continue to.

Perhaps I am just getting seriously into Oscar fever because I am a devoted Oscar fan. So at the risk of sounding like Sally, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the 4000 bonanza. To those who will add to it, thank you too and I hope you will come back.

When I visit blogs, I try making a point of leaving a comment. I think that if people put time, energy and effort into writing blogs that give us a fleeting moment of pleasure from what we read or see, they deserve some acknowledgement. So, if I like them, I tell them. Sometimes I don’t like them, and in a constructive and respectful way, I tell them that as well.

Please accept this invitation or request, however you prefer to take it, to leave a comment on my blog. I would love to get feedback from my visitors. I have made some interesting and meaningful friends on line through blogging, and leaving comments opens this very possibility.

In my opinion, blogs are the best form of reality tv you can ask for, and there are really no ads!

Happy reading.
Yours Unplugged!