Monday, March 07, 2005


Daniel and I are taking a much needed, wanted and deserved break this week. In a way, it is like having an off-site staff meeting. There are things we need to discuss in a relaxed and uninterrupted environment, we want some quiet time together and deserve a vacation. Our lives move at such a relentless pace and all too often it feels like there are just not enough waking hours in the day to fit everything in.
We decided to pack our bags, load the car and depart for an undisclosed destination. We can both be reached on our cell phones and more than that, nobody needed to know. It was interesting to see how the oldest of our three children, the one who hates disclosing any information about the details of where she goes and what she does, was the most uncomfortable with our destination being withheld. Our middle child will probably not even notice we aren’t there. The refrigerator is stocked, he has money for the week and generally does his own thing all the time anyway. Parents ~ what parents? ~ Oh, those parents, nope, they aren’t here! The youngest of our three children spent the entire day declaring undying love for us on the phone, via emails and on Yahoo Chat. He informed me that he started missing me "the minute his toe got into the car to go to school in the morning". I know he is in good and safe hands with Marti and I am grateful for the luxury of being able to step out of my life for a couple of days.
We spent a wonderful day eating loads of scrumptious food. HORSERADISH ENCRUSTED SALMON ON CONFETTI RICE, MIXED SEAFOOD SKEWERS, SHRIMP COCKTAIL and ROASTED GARLIC DUSTED RACK OF LAMB … and it’s only 11.30pm! We watched SIDEWAYS and I am now pleased that it won 2 Golden Globes. It’s the kind of movie that feels like a little movie to me, but a great little one. It is the kind of movie that I wish had won all the Oscars it was nominated for. I found it to be a real treat. There are lots of movies that we have wanted to see available on the On Demand channel so I am sure some late nights are inevitable.
In less than 24 hours, I am reminded so clearly of exactly why I chose this man to spend the rest of my life with. I know a great week ahead awaits me.