Wednesday, April 13, 2005


This story popped into my mind today for some reason. A few months ago, Pingy went missing. Daniel and I were out for dinner with friends. Alex called to say she had noticed the dog wasn’t in the house and was not sure what time she had escaped out the front door.

As Pingy is so small, she gets most her exercise running up and down the stairs in the house, jumping up and down to get on and off my bed and playing in the garden with Ross, always under supervision. Rarely does she get taken for a walk on a lead. There has therefore never really been a need to have her wear a collar with ID tags etc.

In addition to the door-to-door neighborhood search, I called our local police station to ask them if they had perhaps picked her up or even noticed her cavorting through the streets of the borough. The Officer on the phone promised they would let us know if they found her.

It was a miserable sleepless night of worry and angst. First thing Sunday morning we sent David out to again go door-to-door to check with the people in our immediate vicinity if she had perhaps arrived on any one of their doorsteps through the night.
One of the neighbors who had not been home during the original search told David that a Police Officers had knocked on her door asking if the dog was hers, the day before.

On getting this news I immediately called back to the Police Station.

“Hi, I called last night to check if any one of the Officers had perhaps seen my little dog. I left my number but didn’t hear anything. Apparently she was picked up. Could you tell me where she would have been taken?”

“Oh,” said the Officer on the phone, “you mean one of our Officers picked her up?”

“Yes, so I was told by my neighbor. Apparently he had knocked on her door to ask if the dog was hers.”

“Well if she was picked up then she would have been taken to the Animal Care Center.”
He gave me the details of where it is and what I should do to retrieve my dog. He went on to say, “Ma’am, why didn’t anyone call you to tell you they had picked her up?”

“Um, well Officer, I am really not sure that I am the person to answer that question.”