Monday, May 23, 2005


Seated at my desk.
Yahoo Messenger window opens on my screen.

Tammy: yahooo Magoo is that you?
Me: yehboh (an ethnic moment – African tribal greeting for “yeah”)
Tammy: howzit? (Caucasian African tribal greeting for “hello, how is it going?) how

are you feeling?
Me: howzit! gonna hang up with you for a couple of minutes, perched here with

dialing finger - Stones tickets, opens at 9am, will buzz you back

08h49 rehearsal – I dial number, to be sure I know how to do this

Tammy: oooooooohhhhhhhhhh dial away
start phoning 5 minutes b4 the lines open
let me know how u make out
ciao (not sure why we say that, ‘cos we aren’t even Italian!)
Me: through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tammy: no way - well done - how exciting
Me: nope , got to dial other nr, SHIT!!!!!!!!
Tammy: oh fuck that

Open this page and decide to plot the experience

Dial number – line is busy.

Ringing tone – “all circuits are busy, please try again”
Continue – frustrated, new phone, can’t see ‘redial’ key – how can there not be a e-dial key on this new phone? ontinue to key in number over and over again

Tammy: so excited 4 u - holding my breath - let me know how it goes

Me: still holding


Still holding.

Nerves set in, start needing to go to the loo!

Reservation starts being processed.

Give credit card number and sounds like we have been disconnected.
Hear a ringing tone

“If you want make a call please hang up”
Re-dial - answered immediately.

Back on hold. Verging on breakdown and still need the loo!

Send frantic email to Daniel – need some support, need someone to tell me this is all ok and that my tickets are secure

See email from Lauren in London. Reply that I am on hold for tickets and will write more later. Checking frantically for reply from Daniel … where are you when I need you??

Answered by same lady as first call. I say, “I was in the process of booking my tickets for the Stones, gave my credit card number and the call was disconnected, was it you I was speaking with?” and gave her my last name.

I so know it was her, totally recognized her voice.

“No it wasn’t me.”
“Well, I gave my credit card number, I would like to know if I have the tickets, please!”
“What’s your last name?” (pronounced nayum).
Gave it again.
Sounding totally shocked by the fact I was questioning if my booking was made, “Yes, your tickets are booked.”
“Great, do you think you could tell me how much they cost, please?”
“Let me see, $253 + $5.”
“Ok, great, can you tell me where they …”
“No, we don’t give out details of where the seats are.”
“Can be anywhere from 117 – 125.”
“Anywhere from 117 – 125?” (Refer to stadium seating plan)
“And how do I get my tickets?”
Sounding like she wanted to say “Idiot person” first, but she didn’t, she continued, “they will be mailed to you” with enough lilt at the end of the sentence to suggest she was thinking I am a completely stupid. (Well, at Madison Square Garden you have to pick them up at the box office, hence my question!).
“Great. Thanks. Is there any confirmation number?”
“No, we don’t give out confirmation numbers.”


Ok, so I know they are busy when sales open, but come on, let’s give the buying public the basic information they need when doing a financial transaction.
Oh well, who gives a crap, I’ve got the tickets I wanted!

Hope everyone else who wanted tickets got them.

09h57 check one last time for email back from hubby. No! But this email reply from my friend in London.

“I am on my way out, good luck with stones tickets. OH MY GOD!!!! Hope you get them.”

Tammy and I often don’t say goodbye on Yahoo Messenger!

One happy fan heads for the loo!