Sunday, June 19, 2005


Having recently had good reason to use such a parking space at a drive through, the logic behind this pic is clear, even though it may not appear to be at first glance.

A couple of months ago a burger outlet opened near where we live. In our almost four years of living here, this is one fast food service we had not yet tried. One Sunday afternoon, we were vegging out in front of the TV when Daniel said he felt like some junky munchies.

I remembered the new location and offered to go get some of the burgers we had heard so much about. It had been explained to us by our trusted friend the Fire Chief, that these smaller than average burgers are more affectionately knows as ‘sliders’. Why? Because they are so small, you tend to slide them down [your throat], one after another. We had also been told that you could order them in sacks (paper bags) of 10, because they are so small! Daniel suggested I get a couple of bags of 10 assorted burgers.

When Ross and I drove up to order, we were relieved to see that there was no long line of cars stretching all the way around the building and back out onto the road, as it had been for a good few weeks after this particular location had opened. I placed my order for a variety of sacks and came around to the window. I was basically buying burgers for four of us who were at home that afternoon.

The guy at the window took my money and directed me to one such parking space as shown in the pic below. As I was deep in conversation with Ross, I started thinking about the somewhat hefty price I had paid for a few sacks of burgers. I didn’t dwell on it and carried on my conversation.

A little while later, I saw a couple of guys coming out of the building and asked Ross if he thought ALL the food they were carrying was for US? “I think it is Mommy, but it is so much!” he gasped.

These two young guys looked like they were carrying suitcases of food and as they got to the passenger window; I saw that they actually were! Ross and I laughed all the way home and as we got closer to the house, I called Daniel and told him to be waiting downstairs to help us carry the food up. We unpacked, no kidding, about 80 burgers!

A couple of hours later, I came up with my own theory on why they call that “food?” SLIDERS, and it aint because of the way they slide down your throat, trust me!

That was the first and last time.