Wednesday, June 01, 2005


If you go into the archives, on May 31st 2004, you will read that I promised to be at this year’s Memorial Day Parade. I did not make it, and I am not going to make any promises about 2006!

I am proud of Daniel for his ongoing commitment to the Fire Department and I offer no disrespect to the mood of the day. However, I did use some of it to reflect on things I remember from my life. I wrote down the first 11 things I recalled:

I remember the feel of the weave of the trampoline in the garden at my Uncle’s house. As a young child I used to love jumping on it and falling backwards then bouncing right back up again.

I remember the magic of the quiet in Amsterdam on a Monday morning. The city only starts coming to life around noon on Mondays.

I remember my earliest conscious memory being at the age of three. I have a clear picture of my Mom signing me out of the attendance book at my Kindergarten. I was leaving early to participate in a tap dancing exam.

I remember how my Mom was yelling “just drive” when I had to negotiate my way through the first roundabout I had ever driven through in England.

I remember my friend Denise and I laughing so hard, so, so, so hard that we literally could not get our breath back. I remember doing this every time we were together.

I remember the smell in the air just before and after the 4pm thunderstorms in Johannesburg in the summer.

I remember wanting to go everywhere with my sister Elaine when I was Ross’ age.

I remember seeing Elaine’s daughter, Lori for the first time a few hours after she was born. She had hair like a toilet brush!

I remember the moment I fell in love with Daniel, it was not gradual, it was instant.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on my friend Pam.

I remember how cool it was that my friend Greta’s father would let her drive through her neighborhood in his Jag, when she was 14!

I found this pic while clearing out old papers and stuff this last week. The date is still taped on to the bottom of the pic under the now faded tape. I was saying goodbye to all my colleagues whom I had worked with for 5 years. I was leaving to go traveling. Isn’t it interesting to note that on that same date, 16 years later Ross was born? I have a bad habit of usually not dating things, so I was surprised when this pic turned up, so blatantly dated!

It feels like it all happens in an instant.