Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Before the days of the Internet and on line chatting, Daniel used to say that I need to find a support group where I could stand up and say, “I, Dawn am a phone-aholic”. Well, times change and right now, I have no shame in standing up and shouting from the rooftops, “I, Dawn am a (some) reality tv-aholic!” Those that I have watched are, American Idol, The Contender, America’s Next Top Model, and yes, I’m afraid so, the entire season of The Apprentice. This is what I have enjoyed about each show:
I watched the first ever series in England, which produced a band, not a solo career. ‘HEAR’SAY’ lasted about two years. My appreciation for and understanding of English humor having lived there for 7 years gives me an added appreciation for Simon. I think he is hilarious and great fun. I also think he is smart and I like his most recent contribution outside of American Idol, IL DIVO.
I would have liked to see Bo Bice win. I like his style, which was unique to the competition. In addition, he has the most gorgeous smile! I was not surprised that Carrie Underwood walked off with the title; she is after all the quintessential blonde hair-blue eyed look that the masses enjoy. There will be many more like her to follow in every season. I’d rather go to a Bo concert though!