Wednesday, June 29, 2005


My Mom is an amazing person. I don’t think there is anyone else who can piss me off as quickly as she can and I am certain that there is no other person whose face lights up like hers does when I walk into the room.

I am 5ft 1” tall, and she is shorter than me. She will be turning 82 in July. Her home is impeccable as is her appearance. Although she claims to hate it, she is always cooking and produces food that clearly falls into the category of “Jewish Penicillin”. One of her greatest joys is the fact that the only soup Ross will eat is her chicken-lokshen (noodle) soup. She sews and knits and spends hours doing “paperwork”. Any accountant would be impressed by the perfect Cash Book she maintains.

Another thing that amazes me about her is the process she goes through when she does her shopping at the supermarket. If she does not use public transport, I take her to the store, give her my cell phone, and she calls me when she is ready for me to come and get her. Keep in mind that she is shopping for one person; one small person with a tiny appetite and who hates cooking. The shortest time she has spent doing her shopping was 3 hours. As I pull up in front of the store, I can barely see her over the mound of bags in her shopping cart and yet she gets into the car and says, “I didn’t get everything. I got most of what I needed, but not everything.” I learnt from my Mom that supermarkets do take returns on unopened goods and they happily give you a store credit.

Last week, she called me to tell me about her experience at the supermarket that day. When she got there, she went straight to the customer service desk as she had a large amount of returns. The desk is right next to the One Hour Photo Shop. When you collect prints, you will be helped by the person at one or the other counter. She went on to tell me that as she walked up to the counter, the guy on the Photo Shop side was holding up a print and asking the lady on the Customer Service side what he should do with it. She said that it had been in the drawer for the longest time and passed the time period that they hold pics for customers. “You can throw it away,” the Customer Service lady said.

“Hang on a minute,” said my Mom, “that’s my picture!”
“What?” said the woman.
“Really, look at the picture and look at me, that’s me!”

Turns out my Mom had taken this picture in many months ago to have duplicates made. When she had picked up her order she hadn’t noticed that the original was in fact missing from the envelope.

We commented on what an incredible coincidence this was and how timing is of the essence in everything.

“I think that is an incredible story Mom, I hope you thanked your guardian angels for guiding you to that perfect moment.”

“Of course I did, I always do when things like that happen,” she said.
That single comment best reflects why I love and adore my Mom. So many people might respond to me with “yeah, right; tell me another one.”
My Mom, however, taught me to listen to my angels. I can’t ever thank her enough for doing that!