Thursday, July 07, 2005


When I woke up to the news of the terror attacks in London today, it reminded me so much of the day we woke up when living in London and heard that Princess Diana had died. There are those few moments where I can’t digest it, then I get angry and then I stop thinking about how I am feeling and think of all the friends I have there whom I love like family. They commute on the London Underground to work. I went straight to the phone and called Jennifer, she was at home safe. Yesterday, for the first time ever, she put her son Alexander on the tube (their word for the Underground system) alone. He commuted between her and her sister.
Paula was on line and confirmed that Shaun was ok. In the midst of trying to get through to cell phones that I knew weren’t working, Vicki had the compassionate sense to email me and tell me that she was ok, as was John, John D, and Oonagh. Paula hadn’t heard from Claudia so did not know if she had heard from Yaron. I got the voice mail when I called Lauren but she then called back to say Craig was fine. Karen and Stuart were on their way to Spain and Fritzi is in Greece.
My Mom and Elaine called to see that I had heard from everyone in London. Ed checked to make sure Daniel wasn't in London on buiness.
For those people who maybe didn't have anyone call to check where they were, we thought of you too. For those people who didn't get that call telling them that someone was ok, we hold you in our prayers.

We wish you better London!

Those who injured us did only what they knew how to do, given the conditions of their lives.
If you won’t forgive, then you allow those ancient injuries to continue their hold on you.
- Dr Wayne Dyer