Friday, July 29, 2005


Early in 2004, I asked my doctor if he would please give me a letter of necessity to support the visa application to bring Marti here from Slovakia. He gave me the letter and told me that he has a friend whom he described as being “the nicest man I know.” He said that we should introduce them when she arrived.

I told Daniel what the doc had said. He didn’t pay that much attention to it but I said to him that as strange as it may sound, I had a really good feeling about this guy. Daniel was more inclined to thinking that perhaps we should wait to see if she gets her visa first and then we can start thinking about meeting this stranger that I had good vibes about. I was not prepared to brush it aside though and stressed to him that she would of course get the visa and he should not ignore the fact that I had a good feeling about this guy.

By the time she finally arrived here, the better part of a year had passed and my doctor had relocated to Colorado. After nearly two months of her being here, I emailed the doc and said I thought it would be a good idea to put them in contact with each other. Within a couple of days I received an email from Glenn and I in turn passed Marti’s email address on to him. It was interesting for me to see how the whole process of a blind date had changed from my day and within a couple of email exchanges an evening out for coffee was set up.

Marti of course questioned why I had not told her that I was going to email the doc before I did it and I told her that I purposely chose not to as I knew she would object.

It was fun and exciting waiting for the bell to ring and we giggled as we went through the scenarios of what we would do if she were greeted by a monster at the front door. Soon enough the bell rang, Ross opened the door, and within minutes gorgeous Martina came mincing down the stairs. I watched Glenn’s face and saw him fall in love, in that moment. The thumbs up and smile from Marti as she closed the door was clearly a good sign.

Four weeks ago Marti went home to Slovakia for three weeks vacation. Glenn joined her for the last ten days. By the time they returned, Glenn was a fiancé and Marti a fiancée.

Congratulations Glenn and Marti ~ you deserve each other and all the joys that life can offer you.
Added Later: I had to come back and mention ... he proposed in Slovakian. Is that adorable, or what?