Thursday, December 29, 2005


When I was pregnant with Ross while we were still living in Holland, my friend Lizzie followed the Dutch tradition of giving me a ‘chime ball’ as a gift. The silver ball houses a most delicately sounding chime which is said to have a soothing and calming effect on the fetus. You are not supposed to buy a chime for yourself but rather receive one as a gift. There is something very special about this chime and everyone who has ever worn one during their pregnancy will tell you they would never go without it.

Over the years, I have passed my chime on to many people who have all loved wearing it during their pregnancy. Mine has been worn in Holland, England and Canada. The most recent person to wear it was my sister in law Andrea with her third baby on the way and expected early January.

I spoke with her on Friday last week. While she has not had a complicated pregnancy, it has been tiring for her as she has struggled with coughs and colds and sinus irritations that have lingered over the months. She was saying how she felt so exhausted that she was seriously considering a c-section as she didn’t feel she had the energy to deliver a baby. I encouraged her to give this a re-think as she would have to then recuperate from the surgery and told her that ultimately her body would decide what the best way to deliver would be. I learnt that the baby was expected to arrive on what would be my father in law’s grandfathers’ birthday.

My father in law’s birthday is on December 26th so we were surprised when he called us early Monday morning considering we were expecting to call him for the traditional singing of happy birthday over the phone from New Jersey to Toronto. The reason for his call was to tell us that Andrea had delivered a baby girl on his birthday. The whole process had taken three hours and she had in fact not had time for any pain relief.

I love this story because it reflects so many blessings and miracles. I am very curious about what this new little girl's history is. I think it is so interesting that she was due on her great-great-grandfather’s birthday, and ultimately arrived on her grandfather’s birthday. I am overjoyed for Andi and Glen that they have been blessed with three children. I am in awe of Andrea for the fact that she has had a totally natural birth. I am reminded by all of this that there is always a power so much greater than us guiding us through our lives and in spite of our adamant belief that we are in control of everything, we are ultimately quite insignificant in the big scheme of things. If we would just have the courage to surrender and let things unfold as they are meant to. It all turns out so perfectly and exactly as it is meant to – be it good or not as good as we might have hoped for.

And now, the chime will be passed on from Toronto to Vancouver where my other sister in law Vicki will be blessed with the energy from within the chime to help guide their baby into the world in the new year … oddly enough, due on my birthday.

Happy Birthday ‘still to be named’ baby in Toronto. Happy Birthday Grandpa. Happy forthcoming birth day new nephew on the way in Vancouver.

Baruch Hashem, to say the least!