Tuesday, January 24, 2006


My love and passion for Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones was once again renewed on Friday night at Madison Square Garden. Mick walked on to the stage and I started crying. Yes, at the age of almost 46, this gorgeous, energetic, luscious, perfect English lad still has that effect on me.

The show was absolutely fantastic. They sounded slick, pure and did mostly old songs. The audience was incredible and Mick handed the performance over to us for our own rendition of one of my favorites, AS TEARS GO BY. The place was pumping as they proved themselves to still be the greatest Rock ‘n Roll band on the planet.

I can’t rave enough about how extraordinary I think their stylist/s are. Everything the Stones do always has an edge that in my devoted and star struck opinion contributes to their overall magic and appeal. It could be a belt, or a scarf, or even the car parts Keith still wears in his hair, but these dudes ooze style like no other band. While there might be more bald heads in their audience than in most other rock show audiences, the Londoners are sounding and looking hot. When Mick strutted out in the perfect red shirt, with just the exact number of open buttons allowing just the right amount of skin to show, it was hard to believe this dude is in his 60s.

The energy levels rose even further when the stage started moving forward on tracks bringing the band to the center of the arena. The place was rocking and continued that way down to the last note of the last song of the second and final encore.

As always, when Mick did the introductions, Charlie Watts got the greatest applause of all the band members. The crowd was chanting his name and it was touching when Mick and Keith dragged him out from behind the drums and brought him to the front of the stage to receive the adoration from his fans. In a documentary about the Stones, Mick and Keith were sitting a studio and Charlie walked in. Keith looked up and said, “’ere’s the basher.” While one would think Keith was referring to the master basher of drums, Charlie’s bashfulness makes him all the more amazing.

I have now seen the Stones three times dating back from the early 80s. They get better and better and I can’t wait until the next tour – I am sure there will be one and for sure, I will be there. Nothing proves more than this show that sobriety totally rocks!