Sunday, February 12, 2006


Things have been fun and festive around the house these last few weeks. Unfortunately the usual contingent from England – that is three of our friends, Gary, Harry and sorry mate, can’t remember the third fella’s name – he is more a friend of the other two than ours, especially after reading this - were unable to come over this year. It is an interesting tradition with these three lads. They never watch American Football in the UK although it is available on SKY TV, but since we have been here, they have come to all the Superbowls simply for the sake of getting together, betting on the game and consuming large quantities of beer with Daniel. Simon couldn’t make it from Vancouver this year either, so we decided we wouldn’t have a Superbowl party.

In spite of this decision, we had 17 people over, lots of good eats, lots of good company and lots of fun which served as Daniel’s birthday party as well. The Rolling Stones put on a superb half time show that made Justin and Janet seem more ridiculous than ever.

While speaking of shows and performers, I thought it was amazing how the oldies dominated at the Grammys this year. As I hardly ever watch MTV, I really am not up on the names of new bands and I am not a rap fan. It felt good to have been a fan of the artists being acknowledged and to have a feel for and understanding of their music. I’m a big Madonna fan and I am sure everyone who likes her will agree she put on an awesome show. U2 deserve every bit of praise and reward they get for the incredible music they put out into the world. Of course, it can’t go unnoticed that the 60 year olds were nominated too! I had an interesting appointment at the doctor, which you can read about

For the last three weeks I have been helping Ross with a school project called TRADITION FEST. Essentially it was about a family tree and giving the kids an opportunity to learn about the heritage of their ancestors. They worked on this over a three week period and then in the 4th week, parents were invited to the school to come view the displays. Parents provided food again to reflect the heritage and traditions of the families. It was a fantastic program and I enjoyed it as much as Ross did. You can read more about it here .

This morning we woke up to 22 inches of snow and the silence it brings with it until the roar of the snow blower breaks it. School has been cancelled for Monday and we all took advantage of the weather conditions to just hang out at home. I watched a really cool movie called HOUSE OF D and I am loving the trip down the Amsterdam memory lane being offered by

On Friday we are going to Toronto to visit other members of our family. The next four days will be spent preparing for this. If ever I thought I don’t really do much on a day to day basis, the TO DO list for the next four days proves this is a nonsense. When I prepare to stop doing what I normally do by stepping out of my life for a few days, I see how full it is of things to do.