Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today is one of those days where I am feeling overwhelmed by the burdens of responsibility and having to be an adult. A number of people close to me are going through major health issues and this permeates everyone’s lives on the deepest of levels.

Without letting go of my prayers for everyone and my constant output of loving, supportive and positive vibes, I have the urge to get into a yellow convertible 1965/6 Mustang, (although I have yet to see a yellow one, it features high on my ‘wish list’). I would take a drive along the coast of Cape Town. I would have piles of cd’s in the car but the first one I would play would probably be ‘I can’t tell you why’ by the Eagles. I would have Ross and Daniel in the car with me and life would feel just perfect!

On a trivial note, I really hope our next American Idol is not the product of yet another vending machine-like star, and if Taylor Hicks doesn’t win, I will be mighty upset. I would like to mention that I spotted Taylor as the best contestant from the first episode of this season! I also hope to celebrate Harold’s victory on Top Chef tonight. If that is the outcome, then I will seriously consider changing careers and becoming a talent scout!

Just for today, let it all be ok, please!