Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A few weeks ago I said to Daniel that Ross suddenly seems really grown up. The change from 8 to 9 years of age is proving to be quite profound. He is saying things like, “Are you interested in my opinion?” and, “That’s your point of view, can I tell you mine now?” I totally encourage that but it has taken me somewhat by surprise. My signature tune as a child was, “Will someone please acknowledge me?!” There are times when I walk away from a conversation with Ross and I feel like he might have been a step ahead of me. I am not intimidated by this at all but it did get me to think, which I told Daniel, that I need to get down to the library and take out a few books on the subject of “What 9 year old boys are thinking and doing.” It is really the first age where I often feel like I have been stumped by the kid. Last night was no exception.

My neighbors were coming over and bringing dinner with them. I told Ross that I wanted his homework done (I mean really, homework three days before school closes – give us a break!) and for him to be showered before they got here.

As you can see in pics here, Ross is skinny like a tooth-pick. He is turning 9 in a couple of weeks and weighs 48 lbs/about 21 kilograms. This combined with his endless energy, makes him move and do things at high speed. I listened to him go into the shower last night, and when he shouted, “I’m done!” I thought to myself that this was a record speed shower, even for Ross.

I went into the bathroom to find him wrapped in a towel, drying off.

“Did you really shower, Ross? It sounded so quick.”

“I did Mom, I’m done, really.”

“Wow that was insanely quick.”

With that, he presents a FREQUENTLY used piece of ‘I’ve-showered-evidence.’ Stretching his arm right up to my nose he says, “Here – smell.”

As he said that, a light went on in my head and I did a quick eye-scan of the bathroom. The only items of clothing on the floor were his t-shirt and shorts and it suddenly all fell into place.

“Open your towel – now – I bet you have underwear on.”


Stifling my laugh, “O-P-E-N your towel.”

He had the nerve to burst out laughing, flashes me, and of course, proof!

“You’re so busted kiddo – off with the towel and underwear, and go shower!”

By this time we were both really laughing and for the rest of the evening, regardless of what it was he was saying, every time he spoke to me I yelled, “Smell my arm!”

I’m off to the library this weekend.