Sunday, June 04, 2006


Every year Daniel and I sponsor an award at David’s Rugby Club. It is in honor of my late brother’s memory. Due to two events where we both needed to be at the same time, Daniel went to the rugby award ceremony and delivered the following speech on my behalf. I really hope my brother stood still long enough in heaven today to watch!

When the trophy was returned to us last week to arrange for this year’s recipient’s name to be engraved, I was shocked by the fact that this is the fourth year since our first presentation.

I thought to myself that in the confines of our own family, so very much has taken place in this time period. I started thinking about the previous three winners and wondered what might have happened in their lives in this time, and what might lie ahead for this year’s winner. I truly hope that everyone has gone on to, and will continue to enjoy bright and rewarding futures.

The reason for our making this contribution to the club was to perpetuate my late brother’s memory, to leave a mark, a sign that we were here. I wondered how many years down the line we would be represented at these events as a family. I think we all have a similar desire in mind. To be noticed. To be heard.

While I most certainly congratulate this year’s recipient, I acknowledge the whole team. By that, I include the coaches, the parents behind the players and of course the team members. Without each other, none of this would be possible. It’s a chain with links that keeps this all moving, growing and progressing. I urge this year’s recipient to take a quiet moment during today’s celebration, to really gloat in his achievement. To be acknowledged in this way by your team friends is a very special achievement indeed.

The energy my family puts behind this award is to give this team a voice with which to say, we saw you, we noticed you, and without you, we couldn’t have achieved our success, and for this, we as a team both honor and thank you.

Winning this award comes from committing to your team, to your club and everyone associated with it, and for giving of your best. As wise Winston Churchill once said “you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”

On behalf of your club and team and the Levin-Blumberg family, I say thank you, to you, CONOR HYNES for reminding us what this award – THE WILLIE BLUMBERG PLAYER’S PLAYER OF THE YEAR TROPHY - is all about.