Monday, June 26, 2006


When Ross started school here in the USA, I was introduced to the custom of a ‘Room Mother.’ This is a Mom of one of the pupils in the class who takes on the responsibility that the title suggests. She organizes all parties and special events that the class hosts. The Room Mom will arrange for other parents to volunteer their help but she is ultimately responsible for bringing it all together. The class were fortunate enough to have a R.M. who delivered way beyond the call of duty.

To put the cherry on top of all her efforts, she decided at short notice to host a swimming party at her home to celebrate school closing on Friday. The weather forecast was rain, thunder storms, rain and more storms. Fortunately for everyone though – as we were driving from school to the house, the sun broke through the clouds and the kids had a straight three hours in the pool with no rain. As we were leaving the party, the rain started.

It didn’t stop raining all through Friday night, with the exception of a few hours while we were out enjoying a BBQ at friends in the evening. By the time we got home, the rain started again and continued all through the night.

Ross’ birthday is on July 14th but as most people are away on vacation by then, I always have it on the first Sunday after school closes. On Saturday afternoon I phoned the outdoor venue where his ‘Games and Sports Party’ was due to take place and asked if I should perhaps consider re-scheduling. I said to them that while the invitation had said the party goes on rain or shine – there is rain and then there is torrential downpour which is what we were experiencing. They assured me the party could go on regardless of the weather. It was scheduled to take place from 12 noon to 1.30 pm.

At 11am on Sunday morning, I called Daniel and Ross into my office. I asked them for us to all join hands and if they would repeat after me as follows:

“I'm calling on my Parking Angel. [I really do have one.] PLEASE will you speak to Dawn’s/Mommy’s Rain Angel and ask her to arrange for the rain to stop from 11am to 2pm. This will allow for everyone to come to Ross’ party and will make it so much easier for Mommy/Dawn to get in and out of the car. Everyone will enjoy the party much more without rain. Please, Please, Please – from 11 to 2, hold the rain. Thanks. Love, Daniel, Dawn and Ross.”

You could barely hear our voices over the rain it was pouring down so hard at the time.

At 11.15am when we pulled out of our garage, the rain stopped. As we were leaving the camp grounds at around 1.40pm to head home, the heavens opened and it did not stop raining for about an hour after that.

I am realistic – I expect miracles.
~ Wayne Dyer