Sunday, June 04, 2006


While looking for something in my digital photo album, I came upon this pic. It was taken this time last year at Ross’ school’s dance.

To put the rest of the story in context, for the benefit of the non South African readers I need to explain …

The South Afriacn equivalent of the American “How you doing?” is, “Howzit.” When we see someone, we greet each other with, “Howzit?” When we answer the phone, we say, “Hello.” If the caller is South African, they will answer with, “Howzit!”

That being said, I can now continue. What’s cool about this pic is that everyone in it is South African. My friend Merle, the brunette smiler in the black top, had her American husband take the pic. At the point where you would expect the photographer to say, “Say 'Cheese',” Richard said, “Say 'Hoooooooowzit'!” As can clearly be seen, we all just burst out laughing.

I think he captured the moment perfectly!
(click on pic to enlarge)