Tuesday, July 04, 2006

JULY 4TH ...

When I visited a South African friend’s blog and saw that even she had acknowledged the 4th of July holiday – I felt pretty slack and thought I really should do something as well.

As I am not American, in all honestly I don’t feel any kind of emotional response to the 4th of July and all it stands for – but I totally respect those who do. To honor the day though, I decided to post some pics that show aspects of my life that are unique to my American experience.

I spent a quiet and relaxed day with my mom and sister. Daniel spent time as part of a mutual aid team who responded to a structure fire in a neighboring town. Poor folks – their entire three storey house burnt to the ground. He has spent the rest of the day charging in and out the house responding to ambulance calls. I guess he is my own version of an American hero. In between all these brave, good deeds - he manages things as outlined in the post following this one.

To all those people who did celebrate the 4th of July – I hope it was a fun and meaningful day for you. To all the South Africans who extended wishes for a happy 4th of July through their blogs – that was so kind and so typically South African – ugh shame man, you chinas are just so sweet!

While all this was going on the Shuttle had a successful launch. I am still enchanted by the Shuttle and hope the mission is successful and the return to earth is a safe one.