Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Up until the time I became a Mom, I always thought I really understood the power of the creative process. Then I became a Mom and I realized it was only the beginning of learning to understand the power of the creative process.

As time went on, I developed a deeper understanding and respect for people who put themselves in the public eye through the things they create. In much the same way that different people respond to my child in different ways, so is the response to anything, anyone creates from no-thing to some-thing. Other people will either love it or they won’t. Some will find it amusing when others will get pissed off and maybe even upset by it. While it might be so removed from our intention, there are some people who will even hold enough of a point of view about your creation to declare themselves offended by it.

I am always in awe of artists who are brave enough stand up in front of audiences with the clear intention of making them laugh. I am envious of artists who are daring enough to lay their souls on the line and exhibit their creations.

Then there are those special people who take the time to guide those who have no clue how to do something. They stand by the relatively clueless and hold their hand as they embark on a seriously creative process. I have written about the wonderful neighbors we have. I think it was during the first or second summer season we were here, we nick-named Stan, “The Lawn Nazi.” (LN) This came from him telling us that our garden sucked and that we had no clue how to take care of it and basically, how crap it looked most of the time.

We made feeble attempts over the next year to improve on it, and every Sunday morning the race was on as to whether it would be Daniel/David or Stan who would be doing laps on the lawn with the lawnmower. Stan’s wife Alyson soon acquired the title of “The Commish.” derived from Commissioner. Alyson knows how to tell people what to do without pissing them off because she is the kind of person who will thank you for asking her to do you a favor.

This winter, the LN and The Commish committed to guiding us through the process of a garden make-over. One day in the spring, I spotted The Commish in the garden sketching, writing down notes on a piece of paper, and very soon – the plan was laid out and explained to Daniel. This make-over would entail laying sod, extending the deck with a pathway to the sidewalk, digging out a flower bed, removing a tree and replacing it with a nicer one and planting lots of new stuff.
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Between Daniel and David, all this work was done other than the laying of the sod. This required some heavy duty equipment and we all know that certain medications prohibit the operation of heavy duty equipment!

Having watched Daniel work his butt off to say the least, I feel I have gained even more insightinto the magic that lies within taking something from nothing and turning it into something. When this beautiful garden bursts into bloom next spring, there will no doubt be a party to celebrate the birthday of Daniel’s 4th baby and three cheers for the the LN and The