Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Today was family visiting day at Ross’ camp. Last year I couldn’t go as Daniel was away so Marti and Alex went for us.

There was nothing special laid on for the parents. This was simply an opportunity to visit the camp in full swing and watch your kid enjoy a typical day.

This kind of camp is still quite a novelty to me. Growing up in South Africa, I never experienced camp. Although this is not sleep-away camp, there was never this kind of program laid on for South African kids.

The main reasons for this were that the vacation times weren’t as long as the summer vac is here. Our longest break from school was for three or four weeks in December at the peak of the summer. Our other school breaks were shorter and we all had the luxury of nanny’s at home, so even if both parents were working, the kids had someone to take care of them.

The programs available range from activities at the local park in your town for three hours a day supervised by the high school teenagers, to full day programs along the line of what Ross is attending. A bus picks him up at the front door at 8am and drops him off again at 4.45 in the afternoon.

The cost is hefty but given how many months he spends indoors through the winter and how demanding the school schedule is – he deserves to really let his hair down in the summer. The break started on June 24th and they go back to school on September 6th.

A little further down from this entry, I posted a video under the heading of ‘Simple Pleasures.’ Today I was again reminded of the beauty of those things we sometimes forget about in our day to day lifestyles where we experience ourselves as humans-doing instead of humans-being. Kids have such an incredible way of staying touch with these values and because we are always so darn busy, we so often don’t even take advantage of the distractions they offer us from our busyness to just be with them to do the things they do. A sign posted along one of the paths we took caught my eye.

I felt very blessed by the peaceful surroundings, the joy of it all and the sheer pleasure of watching my son basking in the sun with his Dad at his side.