Monday, August 07, 2006

BUSY ...

I sadly noticed this week that it is starting to get dark just that little bit earlier in the evening which means the fall/autumn is fast approaching. I welcome the fall but dread the long winter. In the midst of our heat wave last week, we had a power outage for just over an hour. When I was writing this the temperature was 91F/33C but with the heat index it felt like 100F/38C. The weather is clearly doing freaky things all over the world – it even snowed in South Africa last week!

The top pic is a view of the trees in our back garden taken now, well into the summer.

This is what the same view will look a few weeks from now when the seasons change. It happens almost overnight. The leaves that fall to the ground are thick like a carpet.

Then, all too soon, the winter will set in. This is the view from my diningroom window. When winter ends, within a few days, the scene changes to the beauty as shown below. It almost makes the winter worth enduring.

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Touchstone Crystal party. I never get much opportunity to make things, least of all to the point of where I end up being able to wear it. It’s a great way of getting together with your girlfriends and spending some fun, creative time together. It essentially works on the same premise as a Tupperware Party with the difference being you make your purchase in advance of the party. Once you have been to a party you can purchase other items to make or there are some pieces you can purchase that are already made up. I must admit that I chose an item that looked like it required the least amount of intricate beadwork as I have never done this before. We had a really fun afternoon and everyone left with their own little creation. I felt well chuffed coming away from the party with a pearl and crystal necklace that is truly good and pretty enough to wear. Not bad for just over an hours worth of work and fun.
My beautiful crystral pearl and bead neckalce and a view of the girls hard at work!

David turned 18 on August 1st but we held his family birthday celebration on July 29th. All the kids were at home and we had a BBQ. Our neighbor Denise came over with her kids. Brian is a friend of David’s and her daughter Jessica hangs out with Ross a lot. Although she is two years older than him, they get on really well and have fun together. Alex’s friend Marc was also here. He was on his 10 day break having just graduated from boot camp. He joined the Marines and this was the first time we had seen him in three months. The next morning David was heading off to the beach with friends for a week where they had rented a house together. When I look at this picture of the three men I share a house with, I felt like putting a warning sign above the front door ~ ‘ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK … TESTOSTERONE OVERDOSE ZONE’. Thank goodness I have Pingy’s female energy to support me!

When I look at this picture of David at 18, it is freaky. He was Ross' age when he came to live with us. Did someone press 'fast forward' without me noticing?

If you are looking for an original idea for a birthday gift for a 9 year old boy, Alex came up with a winner this year. She bought Ross an ant farm. You buy the kit and the ants come in the mail. You place them in the container which is filled with a gel that contains all the nutrients they need. Over a period of time, they dig their way around the container and it is really interesting to watch these little things and what they create. They have a life span of four months and if you so choose, you order more in the mail! Every morning we rush over to the container to see what the ants have been busy doing overnight.

The ant farm is born. The tunnels after a couple of days - hard working little buggers!

Possibly one of the freakiest things to happen to me in a long time took place this weekend. While cooking on Saturday morning in preparation for Sunday’s BBQ, I felt something prick my foot. I had sandles on so I wasn’t too worried that I might have stepped on something. By the evening, I was very aware of something irritating my foot and told Dan Dan the Fireman that I thought I might have a splinter. He checked my foot out, poked around with a needle and said he thought he had removed it – although he wasn’t certain. We cleaned the area well and applied anti-biotic cream and I didn’t give it another thought. During the course of the day on Sunday my foot started bugging me. I wasn’t sure if maybe the splinter was in fact still there or if it was just sore from the poking around with the needle. We borrowed a magnifying glass from the neighbor and after my shower; Dan Dan The Fireman started investigating again. He spent quite some time poking around with both a needle and a tweezer and although not removing anything, felt sure if there had been something there, he had worked it out of my foot. As he was about to finish, he commented that he thought he had seen something glinting in my foot in the reflection of the flashlight. On taking another look he saw that there was something there but lower down from where he had been poking around. He eventually managed to get hold of the tip of it and when he pulled on the tweezer to remove it, it kind of just kept on coming as opposed to being a quick extraction. We were totally shocked when we discovered that it was in fact a one inch piece of copper filament that had found its way into my foot. We have done some electrical work in the house recently and I do walk bare feet but I have no clue when this actually went into my foot. It felt like it had happened on Saturday morning but I am not sure. Either way, considering what it turned out to be, we were relieved to have removed it. About half an hour later, Dan Dan walks up to me and holds his fingertip up and says, “Look!” I looked but had to ask, “What am I looking at?” I couldn’t help laughing when I noticed he had a splinter right on the tip of his finger. He managed to remove it himself.
Although his face is hidden, this is one of my favorite pics of Dan Dan (who wasn't yet the) Fireman! It was taken soon after we had met and were still in SA. It does however capture the essence of who he is. He just makes everything so totally ok for me ~
as the name on the cap suggests.
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One disadvantage of having nothing to do is you can't stop and rest.
~ Franklin P. Jones