Thursday, August 17, 2006

TEN ...

... of life's little pleasures:-

  1. Excitement when the firefighter returns from yet another business trip.
  2. Spontaneous dinner party with friends.
  3. Giving someone a present that they flip out about they love it so much.
  4. A comfortable bed.
  5. First bite of a delicious meal.
  6. A loving and caring AVON lady.
  7. An Email from a long lost friend.
  8. Switching the light off and walking out of an up to date, tidy office.
  9. When your kid comes to you and asks for a snuggle.
  10. When your husband says the best way you can help him clean up the kitchen is by staying right where you are – and that’s in front of the TV.

Perhaps you'd like to share yours.