Thursday, October 26, 2006


I am still in close contact with the wonderful woman I worked for in England. We became close friends and even though we don’t see each other very often, we maintain a close and meaningful relationship.

She is about to carry out some extensive home renovations to accommodate her son , Alex who has returned from boarding school. This came last week in an email from her and I decided to share it as I think it is a wonderful story.

On Friday I had a young builder from Doncaster come and look at the ground floor to assess the potential for making a studio bedroom for Alex. This guy is called Yan. He is a 23 year old from the Czech Republic. He has done such fantastic work for me in Doncaster that I know he's the guy to alter this house. He can come in January and will bring his father over to help. I feel an amazing affinity with him which makes no sense in the physical world. He called in because he was on his way to do a meditation course in Oxford. While he was here I gave him a copy of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD Book 1. I don't know why I gave it to him as we've never had any conversations along spiritual lines. Yet it seemed the right thing to do. He called me this morning to say he had been reading the book and although in some parts it was difficult to understand as he is still learning English, he had found it amazing.

His story is the stuff of legend. He hitch-hiked here four years ago because he was missing his girlfriend so much. She had left the Czech Republic to take on a job as an Au Pair in Doncaster. With only £20 (UK Pounds) in his pocket he got here. He arrived in Doncaster with the postcard she had sent with her address listed on it. He had no money left but saw a bus with the name of her town on the front. He then walked from stop to stop following the bus until he got to Bessacarr. Unfortunately his girlfriend was no longer interested but she did help find him an Au Pair job with another family.

He still lives with this family, which comprises a middle-aged divorced woman and her three sons. He started off by doing small fix-it jobs for all of her friends. It soon became clear to the woman employing him that he had amazing DIY talents. She then encouraged him to apply for a small business set-up grant. He now has a truck advertising the name of his business on the side as well as a website for the business. He still helps to manage his employer's three children between his working commitments. Fortunately they are all teenagers. In return for this help, he has free board and lodging. When I visited him it was clear that he had redecorated most of the house for her.

Anyway I'm telling you all this because today he called me to say that he had been telling Cathy (his employer) all about me and showed her CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD Book 1. She was completely amazed because it turns out this is her favorite book that she has read over and over again. When he told Cathy he had seen the photo of
Neale and I hugging at the recent workshop I attended, she said she'd like to meet me. Is this synchronicity or what!


While doing my regular blog visits earlier this week, I was served this treat. It was so unexpected that I had to click on the link to make sure it was intended for me. There is no way to describe this surprise other than to say it was totally delicious. Thank you again, nc and bh.
Shabbat Shalom - Peace Out, for the weekend.

pic - jen gray