Tuesday, November 21, 2006


FOR the opportunity to have enjoyed a reunion with DDTFM youngest brother. DD has three younger siblings. The last time Ross and I saw this one of the the three guys in the family was six years ago. He lives in Sydney, Australia and passed through NJ for just over 24 hours on his way home from a conference in Kalamazoo. Unfortunately I did not get a pic of him in his t-shirt that read something to the effect of: YES, THERE REALLY IS A PLACE CALLED KALAMAZOO. Ross had the best time taking Uncle Adam on a tour of his school and introducing him to everyone.

FOR my midnight lunacy and [maybe] creepy passion for taking pics of my favorite men on the planet and Ms Pingy while they are all asleep.

FOR the fact that last week a scan revealed that the 7cm Stage 4 Lung Cancer tumor that my father in law was diagnosed with earlier this year has now shrunk to 2cm. He has three chemo sessions scheduled between now and the end of this year. It is expected that he will have to undergo no further chemo treatments after that. My mother in law has been his rock through this ordeal and I want to honor her for that.

This is a youthful pic of my mother in law and her three sisters taken in Glasgow, Scotland where she grew up. She is second from the left.

For the power of the internet and the opportunity to have been humbled this way.

For the great 4th Grade Thanksgiving party DDTFM and I got to help out at on Monday. Ross has the coolest teacher and she arranges really fun events for the class. She themed an old fashioned party to show the kids how people entertained themselves at gatherings before the internet age. The apple dunking was a huge success - the kids had a blast. They also strung popcorn and Cheerio necklaces.

FOR the new CD's I've really been vibing to. I haven't bought new music for the longest time. I highly recommend all of these.
TONY BENNETT - DUETS An American Classic
ROD STEWART - STILL THE SAME Great Classics of Our Time


FOR the fact that I am married to such a brave and kind being creating the most wonderful human experience for himself and everyone around him.

FOR my beautiful son.

For your friendship and for how you honor me by continuing to read my blog and for sharing this view of my world - even those people who don't make it known that they have been here.

Wishing you and those you love a Happy Thanksgiving.


and FOR the fact that Blogger had me sign in and out conservatively - only about 58928 times to get all these pics posted and to attempt to get the alignment the way I want it - and still not succeed with the alignment. Oh happy blogging days!