Friday, December 01, 2006

PHEW ...

It’s interesting how different cultures express different feelings. If I was in South Africa this last week, I would have described how I felt as, “Feeling really kak.” If we were still living in England it would be referred to as, “Feeling poorly.” Another way of describing it would be, “Under the weather.” This creature best reflects how and where I have been this week, better than any words from any culture.

I am finally feeling much better and hope to get myself totally back on track by the end of this weekend. This will of course include catching up on my blogging – it has been an eventful week in spite of how crap I might have felt. In addition, I will most certainly have paid long overdue visits to everyone who has been kind enough to pop in and say hello.

It’s World Aids Day today ~ everyone is choosing gifts for different reasons for different people. By shopping one
(RED) item you will make a difference in many lives. Please consider adding it to your list.

Shabbat Shalom to those Shabbat-ing, and a wonderful weekend to everyone.

If you have approximately 7 minutes to spare, watching this video will re-charge your batteries, I promise!