Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Because I rarely get time to sit quietly and read, I listen to books on CD in the car. A few days ago, while parked at Ross’ school waiting for him to come out, I realized that I had not heard anything during that day’s 20 minute drive to the school. My mind had wandered to such an extent that I had to rewind the disc to where I had left off the last time I had been in the car.

I was thinking about the whole concept of ‘Passing it Forward.’ In June 2005, my friend
this gift. I emailed her to ask her for her t-shirt size as well as for her sister Angel - the name says it all! The idea of this gift grew and grew and finally, a week before Christmas, I had a box packed and ready to mail off to South Africa. The box included gifts for Spookie and her family, Angel and her son, NMOTB and her kids and various other family relatives. Purely through the magic of the internet, this group of people have become very important to me and I really wanted to send them something that would reflect the value of their friendships. Mentioning this is not to highlight what I did. What I will highlight is what a powerful experience it was for me sharing their excitement and pleasure in receiving these gifts. They all got together at NMOTB’s house and fortunately I was at my desk at the right time. There is a 7 hour time difference so being here at the same time as each other can be tricky. I shared the whole experience with them on Yahoo Messenger and it was nothing short of fantastic. I had been in a real slump before that as mentioned in my previous post. The magic of sharing this with them, even though it was all on line, lifted my spirit right out of the slump I was in.

The gathering of the South African crew!

My thoughts while driving were of the power in simplicity. There was nothing complicated about putting this box of goodies together. There was no effort involved in sending it on to South Africa. Nothing could have been simpler. It really is true that there is no greater way to receive than in giving.

As I continued on my drive, I started thinking about those things that we tend to just float through and how we even overlook just how much of a treat they are. Those things that just fall into place without any effort or emotional struggle. I thought to myself that these little treats are nothing short of miracles because I think it is the Universe’s way of saying, “There you go, sister – here’s something just for you, just because!”

Ross’ school hosted a breakfast event and a performance by
Caryn Lin. I had never heard of this musician before so I had no idea what to expect. I invited my neighbor, Denise to join me and while we were enjoying the presentation, we agreed that having the time together to savor the talents of this woman was indeed a treat. In addition to showing the kids the magic they can create with music and technology, she spoke about the need for believing in yourself and that if you want to do something, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. She had apparently been told by a music instructor at an audition she had attended as a child that she had no talent. At the end of the show, I went up to her to thank her and told her that I loved the message she was putting out to the kids and how this part of her presentation was totally unexpected and had added to the overall treat of the experience.

While scanning the crowd with my camera, I found my little man Ross in the audience. Little did I know he had been watching me look for him. It was a real treat when we realized we were looking at each other. Don't you just love the sign language?

In the comments of my previous post, I love how Gary made reference to my ‘groove.’ Because I was out of my groove for a while, I didn’t blog at all about our holiday season. While looking through my pics for this post, I thought to myself that it is a real treat having a husband who can go from being Mr Brave Features, or DDTF as we have come to know him on this blog … to Martha Stewart Features and take it all in his stride. DDTF treated us to one of his dessert creations on New Year’s Eve. Without any effort and enjoying the sheer pleasure of the process he served up yet another winning treat.
Bananas sauted in orange juice served with crushed hazelnuts,
coffee meringue and vanilla ice cream with a balsamic caramel sauce.

Last Friday we celebrated my sister’s birthday with a lovely family dinner at our home. I went to get Ross from school and when I came home, DDTF had taken care of getting the table set. I was flabbergasted when I saw what an amazing job he had done. It really set the tone for a magical meal and evening and I hope this year in my sister’s life will follow on from that.

DDTF was promoted to Captain of his rig for 2007. Here he is handing his Lieutenant’s badge to the new Lieutenant taking over from him.

My sister spoke of how special it is to be surrounded by family and that our families are the most important thing.

Me, My Sister and my Mom

Talking to people who have a particularly articulate command of the English language is a real treat for me. My cousin, Jennifer in South Africa and my friend, Dave in New Zealand (known to readers of this blog as DovNos Bootman in the comments section) are two such people. Unfortunately distance limits our conversations to being primarily on Yahoo Messenger but I frequently learn new words from them and have my spelling corrected as and when necessary. There is no room for typing errors when talking to these two people. They pounce on me to correct things and I love them for it.

In a previous post (oh how boring it is getting that I STILL can’t link you back to one of my own previous posts at one click of your mouse … so, see LABELS …. October 23) I wrote this about my eyebrows in a photo I had taken of myself with my cell phone/camera: “I am not quite sure what the eyebrow/centipede thing is all about.”

More recently while chatting with Dave on Yahoo, we engaged in this exchange:

DAVE: That was the loveliest bit of anthropomorphism I have seen for a long time.
DAWN: What the fuck does that mean, please?
DAVE: That's the way your ponim* works, sweetheart. It means giving animals human qualities.
*ponim: Face in Yiddish.

While out to lunch, DDTF took this pic of me and Ross.

I kid you not people, this pic clearly declares me and my eyebrow an anthropomorphismist ... take that Jen and Dave!

Consider making Tuesdays your TUESDAY TREATS day. Try make all your thoughts and experiences be nothing short of a treat for yourself. That night you can lay your head to rest knowing you are now officially a TREATIST.