Tuesday, February 13, 2007


During a conversation on Saturday night, DDTF made the comment that he wanted his colleagues who were going to be in town for a meeting to be able to get home on time for Valentine’s Day. I was completely shocked by this statement as DDTF holds a major point of view or two about Valentine’s Day. He does not feel the need for a special day for people to declare their love for each other and the whole commercial aspect totally turns him off.

I am on the fence about Valentine’s Day. I think it can be fun but certainly don’t take it too seriously. I have in the past been known to phone DDTF at work by noon on the day to say that he better make certain SOMETHING gets delivered to the front door before he gets home. I certainly don’t feel unloved though if no chocolate hearts or roses are delivered.

He was equally surprised at how shocked I was that he would even take Valentine’s Day into consideration while planning the schedule for his colleagues this week. I explained to him that I was actually impressed and how thoughtful I thought it was to consider them in spite of the fact that the day holds no major importance for him.

When I pulled into the driveway this afternoon after getting Ross from school, I noticed there was a delivery of flowers that had been left at the front door. Ross ran ahead and brought it inside for me.

The card read:

Just incase you would ever believe in a million years
that I would forget that today is the day to tell you
how much I love you.

Not bad for a non-believer.
Love You, DDTF!

(The reason the flowers were delivered today is because a ‘snow day’ was forecast for our area for 2/14.)

If you haven't watched the video at the end of my previous post ... please check it out ~
it shows a much loved being who spread a very unqiue love around the planet.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I finally got to see LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Many different emotions came to the surface while I was watching SUNSHINE. What I loved most about this movie is that it shows how in the depths of dysfunctional dynamics, the human spirit will shine through. It always looks so easy in the movies and I find myself wishing that there would be one of those magical moments in my family where everyone just gets it at the same time … but that’s what movies are for - things to wish on and dream about. It definitely lifted my spirit, I had a good laugh and a good sniffle. Although I have a strong suspicion that this year’s Academy Awards might end up looking more like the BRITISH ACADEMY OF FILM AND TELEVISION ARTS, I would be delighted to see LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE awarded an Oscar for Best Picture. As for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – if you love Meryl, sit back and delight in her brilliance. She is wonderful in this role and Stanley Tucci is always a treat. I would however love to see Kate Winslet walk off with the Oscar for Best Actress.

There are two things I don’t understand at all. (1) With all the technology available, how is it that weather cannot be accurately forecast – and so often it is totally off the mark. I find that very strange. (2) Again, with all the technology available, how is it that my telephone company can’t correct the fact that my international access was erroneously deactivated on January 18th and nothing has been done about it in spite of my constant calls to the various departments that the previous department transfers me to because they can’t fix this problem. What happened to the kind of service where when you were not getting the service you pay for, you could be connected to a Supervisor or SOMEONE who had the ability and inclination to take responsibility for getting your problem solved?

To those friends and relatives of mine around the world who might be reading this, believe me when I tell you I am doing everything in my power to get my international calling facility re-activated, but it is becoming glaringly obvious that I hold no power. The customer service representatives seem to be the new masters of the universe. I am hoping that the 9th customer service representative that I spoke to today proves to be the one who will feature as the leading man in what is starting to feel like my own re-make of Lord of the Rings! I do have a tale that is more pleasing when it comes to customer service which you can read about here.

About a month ago, DDTF and I were out and about doing errands. It was a Saturday and for some reason, I found myself homesick for London. I sent Marti a text message saying that I wasn’t sure why, but my mood was such that I really felt like shopping at the
Harlequin, then doing a good shop at Sainsbury’s and then going to hang out with my girlfriends Paula and Lauren. A few hours later I got a call from Paula in London telling me that she and her husband were coming to NYC for the weekend in a month’s time. I told her how amazing this was as just earlier the same day I had been wishing I could come hang out with her. I have not seen Paula in four years and I am so excited about their arrival tomorrow. They will be staying with us until Monday when they head back.

Ross recently completed an art project at school. Each kid had to choose an artist and no two kids were allowed to study the same one. With our assistance he chose British sculptor,
Henry Moore. To encourage the kids to get to a museum, they were offered extra credit if they included a postcard or souvenir from a museum showing they had viewed works by their chosen artist. As the two main permanent exhibits featuring Henry Moore are in Buffalo and Toronto, we decided to take a drive to Princeton University where there is a sculpture on the campus. In addition to the typical research project that had to be prepared, the kids had to create a piece of original art inspired by the style of the artist they had studied.




In response to the requests for the recipe of DDTF’s dessert mentioned in my previous post – He had first intended making this recipe. We noticed too late that the crepes needed to stand for a while and we had not allowed for that. Because DDTF really knows how to create magic in a moment in the kitchen, he came up with his own variation of that recipe combined with this one.

If you don’t know who ‘Ross the Intern’ is from NBC’s The Tonight Show, you can check out his blog here. I adore this Ross (not as much as "my" Ross, of course!) so I was thrilled to receive this YouTube link today for two reasons. It shows how hilarious Ross is, and I think it is the coolest tribute to the much loved and sorely missed Croc Hunter – Steve Irwin.

(Click on the arrow in the center of the picture - if necessary, click a second time. 'Loading' should appear in the center of the screen and then it starts playing. Remember to turn your speakers on first.)