Wednesday, March 28, 2007

47 ...

It’s 2am and I am officially 47 years old. Today is my birthday.

Here are 47 things I am thinking about:

  1. I never sleep well when DDTF is away.

  2. I am so excited that DDTF will be returning home later today from a ten day trip to the UK and India.

  3. One of my greatest pleasures is taking photo’s of Ross while he sleeps.

  4. My Mom was 37 years old when I was born and I was 37 when Ross was born.

  5. A memory that always comes to mind when I think of birthdays is of my 1981 birthday and I get a clear picture in my mind of my niece. She is 15 years younger than me and she loved the excitement of being with me. She was so cutely and firmly tucked under my arm to share the process of blowing out the 21 candles on my birthday cake.
  6. Aside from my 21st birthday, only 7 other birthdays stand out in my mind without having to think hard about them.

  7. My 10th, because my mom and sister hosted the coolest “hippie” themed party for me.

  8. My 16th because my high school sweetheart and best friend threw me the most amazing surprise party.

  9. My 18th because that is legal driving age in South Africa.

  10. My 32nd because my dearly departed friend, Ady took me for lunch at the Zoo Lake Restaurant for us to celebrate both our birthdays which were a day apart.

  11. My 40th which was celebrated in London with a great party.

  12. My 43rd because my brother had passed away 17 days before that.

  13. My 46th as I had fallen and broken my shoulder the day before.

  14. I wonder if my Mom will remember when I ask her later exactly what she might have been doing at 2am. I was born around 2pm.

  15. I miss my brother phoning to wish me happy birthday – I could always rely on that call.

  16. I am thinking more about my 50th birthday than this 47th birthday.

  17. 47 feels a bit like a non-event birthday. It seems like it goes from 40 to 45 being birthdays of note, and then it’s all quite ho-hum until 50.

  18. My consciousness was awoken when I was 24.

  19. This year marks my tenth year of being diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.

  20. I am getting more and more in touch with the necessity for a deep sense of gratitude in my life.

  21. In the shower tonight my son referred to my boobs as, “sacks!” There’s one for the ego.

  22. I am excited about DDTF’s sister and her family coming from Canada next week to spend 5 days with us.

  23. I often dream about winning the lottery and surprising everyone I love from around the world with a plan that would have them all meet up on a privately chartered flight to an exotic destination where we would all meet up and celebrate my birthday of that year. Perhaps one of them will give me a comma for that birthday.

  24. My friend Jodi surprised me with HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons and an AMERICAN IDOL balloon yesterday. When I got into bed to go to sleep I thought how kind that had been of her to do. Thanks, Jod’!

  25. This is a long list to complete.

  26. It’s now 3am and I am very hungry.

  27. I’ve just had an idea to send myself flowers in honor of all those people who might be having a birthday today that are not as fortunate as me to have others extending good wishes to them. Daisies are my favorite. I like this idea.

  28. I’m still debating with myself about whether I should go get something to eat.

  29. I wonder how many birthday messages I might get on my blog today.

  30. Ross has been so amazing while DDTF has been away for the last ten days. He told me the other night that one of the reasons he was created was to be my helper and protector. It brought me to tears.

  31. I am loving the new series on DISCOVERY CHANNEL called Planet Earth.

  32. Is it true that dogs have no concept of time?

  33. Isn’t it strange that when Marti went to the library today to get a book that Ross needs for a project, she came home with a post-it note on which the librarian had written an authors name. She told Marti they didn’t have any books on the topic and we should search the internet for a series of books by the suggested author. This didn’t make any sense to me.

  34. I have been wearing the same pair of summer sandals for well over 5 years and I am determined to find a new pair of sandals that I like as much, if not more than this pair for this summer.

  35. I set myself a challenge to knit a scarf by the end of the year and I haven’t even casted on one stitch yet. I first intended to do this last year, I think … or was it the year before? For some reason I really want to accomplish this.

  36. One of my dreams in life is to swim with dolphins. This urge never subsides. I think it would actually take a dolphin to get me into a swimsuit rather than this vision I have of myself in a full body wet suit.

  37. I have just received my first ‘happy birthday’ email from Spookie in South Africa. The time difference has all my mates there already at work attending to their personal mail – haha.

  38. I received a birthday package on Monday and Ross was surprised that I would not open it until today. I think I will wait for him to get home from school before I open it … or maybe I won’t and will just show him what it was.

  39. I have just spoken to DDTF on the phone. He has just flown from Hydrabad to Frankfurt where he has a few hours to wait for his flight from Frankfurt back to the USA. I can’t wait to see him.

  40. I have been friends with Denise since I was 17. She is in South Africa and we haven’t seen each other in going on 7 years. Although our friendship spans 30 years, we usually end up missing each other’s birthdays by either a day or a month or a couple of weeks. The basis of our friendship is so solid that we always have a good laugh about this. I am really keen to see if she remembers me TODAY. I am giggling as I write this.

  41. I wonder who will be eliminated off American Idol this week. I have not enjoyed this season as much as previous ones.

  42. It suddenly got so warm here today. I turned the heating off. Spring and the Fall are my favorite seasons.

  43. I must send Ross out with the camera to look for signs of Spring budding in the garden.

  44. I think I might be more excited than Ross about the almost two weeks he will have off school from next week for Passover/Pesach. I can’t wait for this school year to be over.

  45. By this time of the year those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are panting like dogs to be let outside for extended, enjoyable periods of time. I thought this pic captures it brilliantly!

  46. I am so going to raid my refrigerator right now.

  47. I’m 47 – I am allowed to eat when I want to!