Thursday, June 07, 2007

RUSH ...

When Daniel and I were dating, we would speak to each other way too many times a day for people holding down jobs. There would be moments in my day where in spite of the intensity of the nature of my work, my heart, soul, mind and emotions would drift to Daniel. (He wasn’t DDTF yet!)

I would reach for my phone, call him and tell him I was having a “Daniel Rush” and I would receive calls from him at different times of the day telling me the same.
With the demanding travel agenda his job puts on him, our ten day vacation gave me full access, 24/7 which is something I haven’t enjoyed for a long time. Having DDTF right there next to me without any distractions was indeed a treat of treats.

Four days after we got back he headed off to his annual conference. Although it was local, it was practical and necessary for him to stay over at the hotel where it was held.

I missed him. Ross missed him.

While working at my desk today, the DDTF RUSH that I experienced motivated me to look for this as a way of telling him how much I love him and love being with him. Nothing could be more appropriate than making a dedication to the man I love more than anyone else in the world, by the only other man who makes me weak at the knees.
(You may have to click twice on the arrow in the middle of the pic to get it going.)