Monday, July 02, 2007


Last week we experienced a very dramatic thunder storm. There were four short power outages during the storm. During one of them my computer died. This did force me to make the long overdue switch to the Apple Mini which Daniel bought me in November. How am I feeling about this? ... somewhat relieved that the Geek Squad at Best Buy have managed to retrieve all my data and I will get it back on disc. They did also manage to fix the computer and DDTF will just have to re-load windows. When we bought the Apple, the plan was to pass my PC on to Ross which we will now do. I am feeling frustrated and like a fish out of water and far too old for the challenge of learning a whole new technology.

I am attempting this post in the hope that something will actually appear after I press 'PUBLISH THIS POST'. Nothing looks familiar to me and I can't even see how to select my usual font style and size. I think I have been successful in posting a pic and a youtube video. YouTube is my best because they just make it so darn easy. It is the only technology that I have found to be simple and truly a case of, 1) read 2) select 3) click ... and there it is. I am sure things will improve once I start going for my weekly lessons at the Apple Store and I will do my best to keep you posted - no pun intended.

This weekend we hosted Ross' tenth birthday party and it was fantastic. I will elaborate on the story with pics on the ROSS EXPERIENCE blog once I have recovered from my technological breakdown.

I wanted to piece this post together because we are at a time in our lives where memories and the making of them seem to be in the forefront of our thinking. Unfortuately my father in law's now 15 month journey through dealing with cancer has reached a stage where every day and moment we are still blessed with having him here is being clung to by everyone in our family. For us it is about finding the balance between the reality of the inevitable outcome of this illness and life going on. It is hard to throw parties and celebrate when at the back of your mind one of life's harsherst realities is coming at you full throttle.

While sitting outside waiting for the bus on Ross' first day of camp last Monday, I was hoping that his life experience is making memories that he will look back on with fondness and joy. I was thinking just this when he and I made eye contact through the camera lense while I was taking this picture. When I look at the picture I can't believe that Ross will be ten on July 14th and I look at my little doggie who will be 13 years old in September. Pingy is as much a valued member of our family as any one individual. I am so grateful to them for the memories that they have made for me.

I am also totally loving this latest BON JOVI song and thought it was approprate to share in this post. I hope you enjoy it.