Wednesday, September 05, 2007


… is our 14th wedding anniversary –

… my mother in law called me in tears to tell me my father in law had been asleep since 8pm last night and had only opened his eyes fleetingly when she arrived at the hospital around 10am –

… ross went back to school to start his 5th grade year. i remember that my 5th grade year, or standard three as we called it back then, was the first time i felt what is was like to have a crush … on my teacher, mr robertson –

… i pulled up behind a car in the parking lot at my mom’s apartment building thinking it was my sister’s car. i flashed my lights and blew my horn and then sheepishly apologized when I realized it was one of the residents in the building and not my sister. my sister arrived soon thereafter to get my mom -

… my mommy is undergoing surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her stomach –

… ddtf left for toronto to go see his dad ... today we think dad is closer than he has ever been to lapsing into a coma which will be his final stage of his journey through brain cancer –

… i try remind myself there is no place in my life for fear but i admit i am fearful that I might be the only family member who will not get the chance to say goodbye to my father in law –

… i remind myself more than ever that this is a day not to question anything but to rather choose to have complete and utter faith –

… i am not in the mood to punctuate -

… I feel very, very lonely –

... today I know tomorrow will be a better day -

... today i would rather be here ...