Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I have been struggling with what to post. I have been struggling with how to shift from the previous post to a new post.

My father in law’s passing, combined with the whole process and experience of getting my mom through her post-surgery journey have been nothing less than daunting. In an on-liine conversation with Angel recently, she asked me how we were all doing. I told her that we were trying our best to make our way through and adjusting to what is now a new normal for all of us.

Change can be difficult, especially when you don’t see it coming and when the impact of it all takes you by surprise.

Today however, I came here with a greater sense of ease than on any other day since my last post.

I came here and it seems appropriate to be here to say THANK YOU.

This is a THANK YOU specifically for YOU … my friend in blog land – as YOU, yourself read this. If you have left me a comment, then it is YOU and your words that I thank for the comfort you provided.

If it is YOU who has been here and not left a comment, I hope you will feel motivated to let me know you were here so that I can know it is YOU I am thanking.
In today’s Notes from the Universe, I got this inspirational message:
~ Do you know how to give folks what they most, most, most want from you, Dawn, without even asking them what it is?
In all regards, just be yourself.
That's what they were after when they manifested you into their lives.
Whoa! The Universe ~

I give thanks to, and for - YOU.