Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RECAP #2 ...

The first job I had in London was based in the home of the woman I worked for. She spent most of her work day out of the office so I spent my working day alone in her living room which was set up as our work space.

I remember sitting on the couch in May 1994 watching the inauguration of Nelson Mandela. I felt so homesick and recall with absolute clarity how I thought to myself I will remember this day always for its place in history and because I sat there all alone!

When Ross approached me and asked if he could stay home to watch the inauguration of President Obama earlier this year, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. This was another important event in history and I liked the idea of him being able to say one day in the future that he remembers clearly how he stayed home from school and watched the inauguration of President Obama with his mom.

My friend Audrey came to watch with us and this was the cherry on top. Audrey is a true proud American. She loves her country and I felt flattered that she would choose to watch this memorable event with us. As soon as Audrey arrived, Ross went into the kitchen and prepared us the most delicious meal of scrambled eggs. He has this down to a fine art. He makes the most delicious scrambled eggs ever and he was proud to impress Audrey with them. He has been known to describe her cooking as, “phenomenal” and there is nothing Audrey prepares that Ross wont at least try, if not consume in its entirety. So, needless to say, he was very chuffed with himself that Audrey was seriously impressed with his culinary skills.
On her way over, Audrey stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) to get coffee for us. Before we settled in to watch the ceremony, I got Ross to take a pic of us with the coffee cups. I told Audrey that when I posted this story to my blog, she would understand why I had wanted the coffee cups to feature in the pic. Between then and now, she has not missed an appropriate opportunity to remind me that she is STILL waiting for the ‘Obama Day’ post; so Auds, here it is, finally!

Now that my friend Natacha is blogging, I will soon learn how to reference previous posts by saying, “click here” because Natacha is going to teach me how to do that. Until then I will have to reference them by title and date. In FRIENDSHIP 6/17/08 and SMOOTH 6/30/08 I spoke about the joy of DD visits I shared with my friend (A)Denise. When Audrey called me on her way to my house to ask if I wanted her to pick up coffees, my thoughts immediately went to (A)Denise. I knew how much she would have enjoyed being here with us and I also knew how excited she would have been about the outcome of the election. I missed her that morning with extra energy and I really wished she could have been with us. As Audrey and I posed with the coffee, I thought to myself that this one was again for her.

So there, Auds – you might not have known it at the time, but the day was special and meaningful to me for many different reasons.

P.S. Ross, I'm sorry I didn't think of taking a pic of us together. :( My bad!