Friday, January 01, 2010

RECAP #7 ...

Over the course of this last week of 2009, I have watched several TV shows that recap the songs, music vids, most shameful celebrity behavior/dress/shoes/hair/ … who cares, really – kind of stuff. Other than a few songs I recognize off the radio, I am pretty out of touch when it comes to naming songs and their artists from current hits. Watching all this stuff brought me to a point of asking this question – Am I now a victim of this thing I grew up preaching about to my parents as the source of their lack of understanding when it came to certain areas of my life … the generation gap?

When I compare the characters I wanted to be or be with back then, it’s interesting to me how they differ from my current tastes. The difference between what appealed to me then and what appeals to me now amuses me. I also think it might confirm a lot of my mom’s worst fears about my fun-totally adventurous-have no regrets-I’ll take endless risks-spent-youth!

Here are a few of the things that make up part of my BEST OF list:

More than the p.i. himself, I always wanted to hang out with HIGGINS and THE LADS

I never missed a single episode of '30 Something'. I was hooked from the first note of the theme song of the first episode. Had I been the married woman, I would have to have been Hope as I wanted to look like her, but more than anything, I wanted to be Michael’s wife. (When I met DDTF, I felt like I had found my Michael Steadman.)

I wanted to get inside David Byrnes' head and considered myself the girlfriend who was better than that!

I still want Hathaway's eyebrows and Dr. Ross was the deal maker. I wanted to be this nurse.
Oh, I so get every aspect of these two women's lives!

I can understand how Bill ends up with three wives and I would love to experience the world being as tall as Karen if just for one day. I heart Hank, too!
It takes special skill to keep it together while falling apart.

It's a matter of loyalty, people.

Consistantly my favorite, Hot Husband - Amsterdam, Circa '94/95