Saturday, January 16, 2010


You might notice a trend over the next month or two that leans toward the number 50. I am turning 50 this year and it is on my mind a lot. I am not having any kind of crisis about it. The best word I can use to describe how I feel is DISBELIEF. Saying that in and of itself seems somewhat silly as it is very real. I think that being the youngest child in a family of three children with substantial age differences between the siblings, has always kept me feeling distinctly young. I am not suggesting that 50 means old on any level, but as the youngest child, 50 always seemed very grown up.

One of my uncles always spoke of his desire to retire at the age of fifty. I can recall the night his 50th Retirement Party was held and watching my mom get dressed for the occasion. This also had a big impact on my perception of fifty being a very serious adult age.

Having a Bucket List at 50 seems a bit premature. I have however found myself thinking that there are some things I should have done by the age of 50. It is totally in keeping with my modus operandi to leave things to the last minute so jumping out of an aeroplane and swimming with dolphins are certainly not going to happen before March 28th.

Life does however present us with all sorts of opportunities every day if we are willing to see them. I am making a concerted effort to be more conscious of the things that happen around me through which I can achieve some things that in retrospect I will be pleased about having done by the time I was 50. After living in the USA for almost nine years, being an AVON lady is one of those obvious things. I enrolled and am enjoying the process of building a little business that is growing month by month.

Catching up on my friend Angel’s blog, I read about a writing competition. Angel enters these frequently and her courage to do so inspired me to participate this time. Using a photograph for inspiration, contestants were invited to compose a short fiction (or poetry) piece no more than 250 words in any genre or style. I have never considered myself to be poetic and from the length of my blog posts, it’s obvious that I am not very good at writing very short stories! I tend to lean toward the more verbose side of things. I decided however that having entered a writing contest is definitely something I want on my ‘Done by 50’ list. I went to the site, looked at the photograph and wrote down my spontaneous reaction. You can see my entry here. I am entry number 185.

I headed this post SMILE because when I do something a little out of the ordinary or something that feels a bit risky, when I go to tell DDTF about it I always start with, “Don’t laugh, but I just want to tell you that I ……” In realizing that, it made me smile, so don’t laugh, but if you want to check out my entry, you can click here.

This is my Uncle prior to his retirement, my late cousin on his right knee, my sister in front, and that's me under the bow and hat!